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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics

I joined the Department in October 2008 as HEP Computer Officer. I trained as a physicist and have formerly worked as a welder, electronics engineer, teacher, systems analyst and software engineer in academia, industry and commerce.

Over time my work in the Department has become increasingly focussed on the collection and processing of the examination marks for the Maths Tripos and NST Mathematics examinations.

In addition to my work in the Department I have enjoyed supervising students for NST IA Mathematics.

I am now part-retired and at work in the Department for only some of the time, in Lent and Easter Terms.

I have an active interest in the use of heat pumps for heating homes. I designed and installed a heating system for my own home in West Wales using a Ground Source Heat Pump (GSHP) and a Thermal Energy Store (TES) formed from a 5m³ concrete slab, photographed here before the concrete was poured.

I am currently busy with a second building project, the conversion of an agricultural building (a traditional solid stone wall Welsh barn) into a home. To heat this new home I am investigating the design of a TES using Phase Change Material (PCM) to allow storage of latent heat in addition to specific heat; the constant temperature characteristic of latent heat absorption fits well with the efficient use of a heat pump. To finish the solid stone walls of the building I am investigating the use of expanded volcanic minerals (perlite and vermiculite) in lime render which will be both insulating and water permeable.

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