APDE: Conferences

Madrid Autonoma — Math Cambridge
CMS Applied PDEs Days

September 28—29, 2009

Organised by:

Peter A Markowich
and the
Research Group Applied Partial Differential Equations

Sponsored by the ESF and KAUST


Monday, 28. September

Time Talk
9:00—9:20 Registration
9.20—9.30 Peter Markowich (DAMTP) - Welcome
9.30—10.15 Thanasis Fokas (University of Cambridge)
Complexification, Imaging and Integrability
10.15—11.00 Valery Smyshlyaev (University of Bath)
Propagation and localisation of oscillations in highly heterogeneous media via "non-classical" homogenization
11.00—11.30 Coffee Break
11.30—12.00 Christof Sparber (University of Cambridge)
Multiphase geometric optics for weakly nonlinear Schrödinger equations
12.00—12.45 Matteo Bonforte (University of Madrid)
Asymptotics of the Fast Diffusion Equation via Entropy methods
12.45—14.30 Lunch Break
14.30—15.00 Marie-Therese Wolfram (University of Cambridge)
A mixed finite element method for nonlinear Fokker-Planck-Equations
15.00—15.30 Paolo Antonelli (University of Cambridge)
Global Existence for Cubic NLS with Nonlinear Dissipation
15.30—16.15 José A. Carrillo (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona)
Blowup in multidimensional aggregation equations
16.15—17.00 Ilia Kamotski (University of Bath)
Lamé operator in Hölder domains: oscillatory

Tuesday, 29. September

Time Talk
9:30—10.15 Giuseppe Toscani (University of Pavia)
Condensation phenomena in Fokker-Planck models of Bose-Einstein particles
10.15—11.00 Arieh Iserles (University of Cambridge)
Asymptotic numerics of highly oscillatory equations
11.00—11.30 Coffee Break
11.30—12.15 Juan Luis Vazquez (University of Madrid)
Fractional porous medium flows
12.15—13.00 Jean Dolbeault - (Université Paris Dauphine)
Optimal functions and symmetry breaking in functional inequalities, Talk given on blackboard, notes

13.00—14.30 Lunch Break
14.30—15.00 Norayr Matevosyan (University of Cambridge)
On a parabolic free boundary problem modeling price formation

15.00—15:30 Klemens Fellner (University of Cambridge)
On non-local evolution equations
15:30—16:15 Mar Gonzalez (Universitat Politecnica De Catalunya)
Motion of particle systems as a limit of a reaction-diffusion equation with half-Laplacian in dimension one