Lecturer: P.A. Markowich, MT2009


The theory of partial differential equations is a very active area of research in both pure and applied mathematics with many basic questions still unresolved. It is fundamental in mathematical physics and its importance in the rest of applied mathematics is growing enormously. It is also a major area of pure mathematics, and has far reaching connections in topology and geometry. In this course, the three basic linear types of partial differential equations (i.e. the heat equation, the wave equation and the Poisson equation) are studied from a theoretical viewpoint. Various techniques are surveyed but emphasis is placed upon the Fourier transform, the theory of distributions and functional analytic methods as tools for constructing weak solutions.


For Literatur see the following Bibliography. In addition to the sets of lecture notes written by previous lecturers ([1],[2]) the books [3], [5] are very good for PDE topics in the course. For distributions [4] is most relevant.


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