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Theory of multiple phase separations in binary mixtures: Phase diagrams, thermodynamic properties, and comparisons with experiments
– The Journal of Chemical Physics
Substituent effects on intermolecular hydrogen bonding from a lattice gas theory for lower critical solution points: Comparison with experiments on aqueous solutions of alkylpyridines
– The Journal of Chemical Physics
Mixing by Swimming Algae
JS Guasto, KC Leptos, JP Gollub, AI Pesci, RE Goldstein
Specificity of Biomarker Detection in Microfluidic Sensors
P Prakash, M Varma
Active particles in linear viscoelastic fluids and the scallop theorem
GJ Elfring, E Lauga
Home Page
AI Pesci
Droplet absorption and spreading into thin layers of polymer hydrogels
MA Etzold, GT Fortune, JR Landel, SB Dalziel
Suicidal chemotaxis in bacteria
NM Oliveira, JHR Wheeler, C Deroy, SC Booth, EJ Walsh, WM Durham, KR Foster
Subpopulations and Stability in Microbial Communities
PA Haas, NM Oliveira, RE Goldstein
Elastohydrodynamic synchronization of rotating bacterial flagella
M T─âtulea-Codrean, E Lauga
Long-range interactions and phase defects in chains of fluid-coupled oscillators
DR Brumley, N Bruot, J Kotar, RE Goldstein, P Cicuta, M Polin