Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture Fund

Picture of Andrew Chamblin Andrew Chamblin, friend and colleague to many past and present members of the Gravitation & Relativity Group, died suddenly and unexpectedly in 2006 at the very early age of 36.

Friends and relatives of Andrew have joined together to commemorate his memory by forming the Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture Fund with the intention of funding an annual lecture to be given in DAMTP on a subject of relevance to Andrew's life and work.

Anyone wishing to contribute to the fund should complete either the UK or US gift form available below:

UK Gift Form (please return to the Cambridge Development Office):
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US Gift Form (please return to Cambridge in America):
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Contributions for UK tax payers are eligible for the Gift Aid scheme which means that a donation of £100 attracts a further £25 from the UK Treasury.

Alternatively, the relevant forms can be obtained by contacting the GR secretary, or the Cambridge Development Office, 1 Quayside, Bridge Street, Cambridge, CB5 8AB, or Cambridge in America, PO Box 9123 JAF BLG, New York, NY 10087-9123, naming the fund.

The 9th annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Memorial Lecture, entitled "Colour, New Dimensions and the Geometry of Physics", will be given by Professor Frank Wilczek, Nobel Laureate, at 5 pm in Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge on Tuesday 10th March 2015. Admission is free with everyone welcome, but booking is required via

The 8th annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "The Pointless Universe," was given by Professor Michael Green FRS in Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge at 5pm on Thursday 13th March 2014.

The 7th annual Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "The Infinity Puzzle - From the Higgs Boson to the LHC", was given by Professor Frank Close OBE at 5 pm in the Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Cambridge on Friday 15th March 2013.

The 6th Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "On the Shoulders of Eastern Giants: The Forgotten Contribution of Medieval Physicists", was given by Professor Jim Al-Khalili OBE at 5 pm on Friday 16th March 2012 in the Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Cambridge.

The 5th Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "The Hidden Reality: Parallel Universes and the Deep Laws of the Cosmos", was given by Professor Brian Greene at 5 pm on Friday 18th March 2011 in Babbage Lecture Theatre, New Museums Site, Cambridge. [media not available, sorry]

The 4th Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "The Amazing Diversity of Planetary Systems", was given by Professor Michel Mayor at 5 pm on Monday 10th May 2010 in Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. [media]

The 3rd Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "How Many Universes Are There?", was given by Professor Paul Davies at 5 pm on Monday 4th May 2009 in Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. [media]

The 2nd Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture, entitled "Deep Questions of Cosmology: Did Something Happen Before the Big Bang?", was given by Professor Sir Roger Penrose at 3 pm on Friday 27th June 2008, in Lady Mitchell Hall, Sidgwick Avenue, Cambridge. [media]

The inaugural Andrew Chamblin Memorial Lecture took place in Lady Mitchell Hall in Cambridge at 4.30 pm on Wednesday 9th May 2007 and was given by Professor Stephen Hawking. Professor Hawking spoke on Out of a Black Hole[media not available, sorry]

The Andrew Chamblin Memorial Conference was held at Trinity College, Cambridge on Saturday, October 14, 2006.

All Andrew Chamblin Lectures in various media formats.