Email & phone list of all group members

You may wish to view this list ordered by room.

Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
O L Salter Fitz-Gibbon B0.13 os320@damtp (3)37909
J.E.P. Santos B2.02 J.E.Santos@damtp (3)37872
E.P.S. Shellard B2.07 E.P.Shellard@damtp (3)37896
B D Sherwin B1.02 bds30@damtp (7)66918
W H Sohn B0.10 ws313@damtp (7)66836
U. Sperhake B1.01 U.Sperhake@damtp (7)66861
T Steele B0.02 ts715@damtp (7)66833