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I am a theoretical cosmologist working on Open Effective Field Theories and non-unitary effects in the early universe. Using techniques from quantum information theory and non-equilibrium Quantum Field Theory, I implement condensed matter tools in cosmology to better understand the inflationary era. My research interests cover Open Quantum Systems, Effective Field Theories and Quantum Field Theory in Curved Space.

One of the most striking predictions of the standard model of cosmology is to trace back the origin of cosmic inhomogeneities to quantum fluctuations of the primordial vacuum. This feature makes cosmology an interesting playground to test quantum mechanics in its most extreme regimes. Yet, such an ambitious program requires an accurate description of the quantum history of the universe. At the moment, an exact description seems out-of-reach as the early universe physics remains vastly elusive on the precise number of degrees of freedom acting during inflation and their fundamental properties (mass, spin). My work aims at providing a quantum description able to incorporate our uncertainties on the modelling of the early universe.

Nearly scale-invariant, Gaussian and adiabatic scalar perturbations from quantum mechanical origin have been extensively tested using Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) and Large Scale Structures (LSS) dataEffective field theories (EFT) aim at providing a systematic way to consider extensions to this adiabatic evolution, incorporating the knowledge of unknown physics in a parametrically controlled manner. In order to grasp the implications of some hidden sector at the quantum level, the formalism needs to incorporate non-unitary effects such as dissipation and decoherence. To achieve this goal, Open Effective Field Theory may be a valuable tool. At the crossroad of quantum optics, condensed matter and high energy physics, this research program aims at extending the EFT constructions in order to account for the out-of-equilibrium nature of cosmological systems

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Relativity and Gravitation




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