Cambridge Relativity & Cosmology


The following animations have been brought together from the Cambridge Relativity & Cosmology public WWW pages. Links are provided to reference pages from which further information can be obtained.

Movies on cosmic string dynamics

Two-dimensional vortex scattering (MPEG movie, 1004kB), Oscillatory string motion (MPEG movie, 4.0MB), Radiation from an oscillating string (MPEG movie, 10.8MB), Reconnection of two cosmic strings (MPEG movie, 1.4MB), Decay of two interlocked cosmic string loops (MPEG movie, 2.1MB).

The formation of large scale structure

Two dimensional collapse using Newtonian Dynamics (Matlab movie, 4.48MB), General Relativity (Matlab movie 4.48MB).

The collapse of a scalar field

No black hole formed (MPEG 1.74MB); black hole formed (MPEG 0.89MB)

Cosmic string wakes, gravitational lensing and waves in a water tank

Waves above a submerged conical island (MPEG 147K); Waves above a submerged parabolic island (MPEG 82K); A cosmic string wake (MPEG 21.4K)

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