Recent Publications

Friedmann-like universes with torsion
by D. Kranas, C. G. Tsagas, J. D. Barrow, D. Iosifidis (2018-09-14)
Do we live in an eigenstate of the "fundamental constants" operators?
by J. D. Barrow, J. Magueijo (2018-09-14)
Constraining Density Fluctuations with Big Bang Nucleosynthesis in the Era of Precision Cosmology
by J. D. Barrow, R. J. Scherrer, Physical Review D 98, 043534, 2018 (2018-08-28)
Cosmological singularities and analytical solutions in varying vacuum cosmologies
by S. Basilakos, A. Paliathanasis, J. D. Barrow, G. Papagiannopoulos, European Physics Journal C 78, 684, 2018 (2018-08-27)
Szekeres universes with homogeneous scalar fields
by J. D. Barrow, A. Paliathanasis, European Physics Journal C (2018-08-02)
Constraint on energy-momentum squared gravity from neutron stars and its cosmological significance
by O. Akarsu, J. D. Barrow, S. Cikintoglu, K Yavuz Eksi, N. Katirci, Physical Review D 97, 124017 (2018-05-15)
Relativistic magnetised perturbations: magnetic pressure vs magnetic tension
by D. Tseneklidou, C. G. Tsagas, J. D. Barrow, Classical and Quantum Gravity 35, 124001, 2018 (2018-05-02)
Inhomogeneous Initial Data and Small-Field Inflation
by M. C. David Marsh, J. D. Barrow, C. Ganguly, JCAP 05, 026 (2018-05-01)
New integrable models and analytical solutions in f(R) cosmology with an ideal gas
by G. Papagiannopoulos, S. Basilakos, J. D. Barrow, A. Paliathanasis, Physical Review D 97, 024026, 2018 (2018-01-08)
Evolution of Cyclic Mixmaster Universes with Noncomoving Radiation
by C. Ganguly, J. D. Barrow, Physical Review D 96, 123534, 2017 (2017-12-27)
Large-scale Stability and Astronomical Constraints for Coupled Dark-Energy Models
by W. Yang, S. Pan, J. D. Barrow, Physical Review D 97, 043529, 2018 (2018-02-26)
Stability of the Kasner Universe in f(T) Gravity
by A. Paliathanasis, J. L. Said, J. D. Barrow, Physical Review D 97, 044008 (2018-02-06)
Cosmological Models in Energy-Momentum-Squared Gravity
by J. D. Barrow, C. V. R. Board, Physical Review D 96, 123517, 2017 (2017-12-15)
Gravity and the spin-2 planar Schroedinger equation
by E. A. Bergshoeff, J. Rosseel, P. K. Townsend (2017-12-01)
The Shape of Bouncing Universes
by J. D. Barrow, C. Ganguly, International Journal of Modern Physics D 26, 1743016, 2017 (2017-11-06)