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DAMTP-1995-145: Pair Creation of Black Holes in the Presence of Domain Walls
by R. Caldwell, A. Chamblin, G. W. Gibbons (2002-06-21)
Published in: Phys Rev D53 (1996) 7103-7114
LANL e-print: hep-th/9602126

DAMTP-1995-144: D-branes from M-branes
by P.K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Phys.Lett.B373:68-75,1996
LANL e-print: hep-th/9512062

DAMTP-1995-143: Entropy perturbations from cosmic strings
by P. Avelino, R. Caldwell ()

DAMTP-1995-142: Nucleation of $P$-Branes and Fundamental Strings
by H. F. Dowker, J. Gauntlett, G. W. Gibbons, g T. Horowitz (2002-06-19)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9512154

DAMTP-1995-141: Instantons and seven-branes in type IIB superstring theory
by G. W. Gibbons, M. B. Green, M. J. Perry (1999-08-03)
Published in: Phys.Lett.B370:37-44,1996
LANL e-print: hep-th/9511080

DAMTP-1995-140: Duality of type II 7-branes and 8-branes
by E. Bergshoeff, M. Green, G. Papadopoulos, P. K. Townsend (1999-08-03)

DAMTP-1995-139: Continuous self-similarity and S Duality
by R. Hamade, J. H. Horne, J. M. S. Stewart ()

DAMTP-1995-138: Twist matches for the canonical quantization of supergravity
by P. Moniz ()

DAMTP-1995-137: Supergravity solitons and non-perturbative superstrings
by P.K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.Proc.Suppl.45BC:188-195,1996
LANL e-print: hep-th/9510190

DAMTP-1995-136: The non-Abelian target space duals of Taub-NUT space
by S. F. Hewson ()

DAMTP-1995-135: Virtual black holes
by S. W. Hawking ()

DAMTP-1995-134: Topology and Time reversal
by A. Chamblin, G. W. Gibbons (1999-04-28)
Published in: Erice 1995, String gravity and physics at the Planck energy scale* 233-253
LANL e-print: gr-qc/9510006
Keywords: Quantum gravity and the arrow of time

DAMTP-1995-133: SL (2,R) Invariance of Non-linear Electrodynamics Coupled to an Axion and a Dilaton
by G. W. Gibbons, D. A. Rasheed (2002-06-19)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9509141

DAMTP-1995-132: Pair creation rate for U(1)^2 black holes
by S. F. Ross ()

DAMTP-1995-131: Electric-magnetic Duality Rotations in Non-linear Electrodynamics
by G. W. Gibbons, D. A. Rasheed (2002-06-19)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9506035

DAMTP-1995-130: On the evalution of scalar metric perturbation in an inflationary cosmology
by R. Caldwell ()

DAMTP-1995-129: Kinks and singularities
by A. Chamblin (1999-04-28)
Keywords: singularity theorems; global structure of spacetime

DAMTP-1995-128: Quantizing the (o,4) supersymmetric ADHM sigma model
by N. D. Lambert ()

DAMTP-1995-127: (A bit shy of coherence) The spectrum of the RST model
by J. D. Hayward ()

DAMTP-1995-126: Formation of black holes from collapsed cosmic string loops
by R. Caldwell, P. Casper ()

DAMTP-1995-125: Dyonic membranes
by J. M. Izquierdo, N. Lambert, g Popodopoulos, P. K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B460:560-578,1996
LANL e-print: hep-th/9508177

DAMTP-1995-124: Topology and causal structure
by A. Chamblin (1999-04-28)
Published in: Fredericton 1995, General relativity and relativistic astrophysics* 185-188
LANL e-print: gr-qc/9509046
Keywords: Global structure of spacetime

DAMTP-1995-123: Physical structures of the sen black hole
by I. Pinkstone ()

DAMTP-1995-122: testing the equivalence principle by lambshift energies
by C. Alvarez, R. B. Mann ()

DAMTP-1995-121: Quantization of a locally supersymmetric FRW model with gauge fields
by P. Moniz ()

DAMTP-1995-120: Limits on Kaluza-Klein models from COBE results
by Y. Kubyshin, J. Martin ()

DAMTP-1995-119: P-brane democracy
by P.K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: PASCOS/Hopkins 1995:0271-286 (QCD161:J55:1995)
LANL e-print: hep-th/9507048

DAMTP-1995-118: The Probability for Primordial black holes
by R. Bousso, S. W. Hawking ()

DAMTP-1995-117: Spherically symmetric collapse of a massless scalar feild
by R. S. Hamade, J. M. Stewart ()

DAMTP-1995-116: Compactification of D = 11 supergravity on spaces of exceptional holonomy
by G. Papadopoulos, P. K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Phys.Lett.B357:300-306,1995
LANL e-print: hep-th/9506150

DAMTP-1995-115: Pair production of black holes on cosmic strings
by S. W. Hawking, S. F. Ross ()

DAMTP-1995-114: Infinite-genus surfaces and the universal grassmannian
by S. Davis ()

DAMTP-1995-113: Test of the equivalence principle from neutrino oscillation experiments
by R. B. Mann, U. Sarkar ()

DAMTP-1995-112: S-Duality at the black hole threshold in gravitational collapse
by O. M. Eardley, E. W. Hirschmann, J. H. Horne ()

DAMTP-1995-111: Supersymmetric toda field theories
by G. Papadopoulos ()

DAMTP-1995-110: The rotating dyonic black holes of kaluza-Klein theory
by D. A. Rasheed ()

DAMTP-1995-108: Quasilocal thermodynamics of dilaton gravity coupled to gauge fields
by J. Creighton, R. B. Mann ()

DAMTP-1995-107: Anti-gravitating BPS monopoles and dyons
by G. W. gibbons, P. K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Phys.Lett.B356:472-478,1995
LANL e-print: hep-th/9506131

DAMTP-1995-106: Gravitation of the Bianchi type IX model in N = 1 supergravity in the presence of supermatter
by P. Moniz ()

DAMTP-1995-105: Back to basics? how can supersymmetry be used in a simple quantum cosmological model
by P. Moniz ()

DAMTP-1995-104: Is there a problem with quantum wormholes in N = 1 supergravity
by P. Moniz ()

DAMTP-1995-103: Gravitational radiation backreaction on cosmic strings
by R. Battye ()

DAMTP-1995-102: Gravitational perturbations of relativistic membranes and strings
by R. Battye, B. Carter ()

DAMTP-1995-101: A Judgement on Sinors
by A. Chamblin, G. W. Gibbons ()
Published in: Class. Quant. Grav.12: 2243-2248, 1995
LANL e-print: gr-qc/9504048

DAMTP-1995-100: Elliptic monopoles and (4,0) supersymmetric sigma models with torsion
by G. Papadopoulos ()

DAMTP-1995-99: Numerical solutions of 2d dilaton gravity models and the quantum singularity
by J. Hayward ()

DAMTP-1995-98: New supergravity theories with central charges, and killing spinors in 2 + 1 dimensions
by P. S. Howe, P. K. Townsend, J. M. Izquierdo, G. Papadopoulos (2002-02-07)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B467:183-214,1996
LANL e-print: hep-th/9505032

DAMTP-1995-97: String membrane duality in seven dimensions
by P.K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Phys.Lett.B354:247-255,1995
LANL e-print: hep-th/9504095

DAMTP-1995-96: Enhanced gauge symmetries in superstring theories
by M. C. Hull, P. K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Nucl.Phys.B451:525-546,1995
LANL e-print: hep-th/9505073

DAMTP-1995-95: Scale-invariant String Evolution with Friction
by C. J. A. P. Martins, E. P. S. Shellard ()
Published in: Phys. Rev. D53, 575, 1996
LANL e-print: hep-ph/9507335
Keywords: cosmic strings

DAMTP-1995-94: Cosmological production of charged black hole pairs
by R. B. Mann, S. F. Ross ()

DAMTP-1995-93: Duality between electric and magnetic black holes
by S. W. Hawking, S. F. Ross ()

DAMTP-1995-92: Charged dilaton black holes with unusual asymptotics
by K. Chan, J. H. Horne, R. B. Mann ()

DAMTP-1995-91: Surface Surface current carrying Domain Walls
by P. Peter ()

DAMTP-1995-90: The string motivated model
by J. D. Hayward ()

DAMTP-1995-89: Quantum coherence and closed timelike curves
by S. W. Hawking ()

DAMTP-1995-88: (2,U)-supersymmetric sigma models and almost complex structures
by G. Papadopoulos ()

DAMTP-1995-87: The 11-dimensional supermembrane revisited
by P.K. Townsend (2002-02-07)
Published in: Phys.Lett.B350:184-187,1995
LANL e-print: hep-th/9501068

DAMTP-1995-86: Initial value problems and signature change
by L. J. Alty, C. J. Fewster ()