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DAMTP-2011-104: Generating Temperature Flow for eta/s with Higher Derivatives:From Lifshitz to AdS
by Sera Cremonini, Phillip Szepietowski (2011-11-21)

DAMTP-2011-99: Duality Invariant Actions and Generalised Geometry
by David S. Berman, Hadi Godazgar, Malcolm J. Perry, Peter West (2011-11-01)
Published in: JHEP 1202 (2012) 108

DAMTP-2011-93: Laboratory Tests of the Galileon
by P. Brax, C. Burrage, A. C. Davis (2011-10-31)
Published in: JCAP 1109 (2011) 020
LANL e-print: 1106.1573

DAMTP-2011-89: The Application of Weierstrass elliptic functions to Schwarzschild Null Geodesics
by G. W. Gibbons, M. Vyska (2011-10-29)

DAMTP-2011-86: The local symmetries of M-theory and their formulation in generalised geometry
by David S. Berman, Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, Malcolm J. Perry (2011-10-14)
Published in: JHEP 1201 (2012) 012

DAMTP-2011-85: Kastor-Traschen Black Holes, Null Geodesics and Conformal Circles
by S. Casey (2011-10-10)
Published in: Class. Quant. Grav. 29, 135006, 2012
LANL e-print: arXiv:1110.2091
Keywords: Conformal Circles, Null Geodesics, Kastor-Traschen metric

DAMTP-2011-84: Sudden Singularities Survive Massive Quantum particle production
by J. D. Barrow, A. B. Batista, J. C. Fabris, M. J. S. Houndjo, G. Dito (2011-10-07)
Published in: Physical Review D 84, 123518, 2011
LANL e-print: gr-qc/1110.1321

DAMTP-2011-81: Discrete Wheeler-DeWitt Equation
by Herbert W. Hamber, Ruth M. Williams (2011-10-04)
LANL e-print: arXiv:1109.2530

DAMTP-2011-78: The Value of the Cosmological Constant
by J. D. Barrow ansd D. J. Shaw (2011-09-22)
Published in: General Relativity and Gravitation 43, 2555-60, 2011
LANL e-print: gr-qc/11053105

DAMTP-2011-75: SU(2) solutions to self-duality equations in eight dimensions
by Maciej Dunajski, Moritz Hoegner (2011-09-22)
Published in: J. Geom. and Phys. (2012) 62 1747-1759.
LANL e-print: arXiv:1109.4537
Keywords: instantons, octonions, Spin(7)

DAMTP-2011-72: The evolution of pebble size and shape in space and time
by G. Domokos, G. W. Gibbons (2011-09-15)

DAMTP-2011-71: Spacetime interpretation of Torsion in Prismatic Bodies
by G. Domokos, G. W. Gibbons (2011-09-15)

DAMTP-2011-68: Flowing Between Fermionic Fixed Points
by J. N. Laia, D. Tong (2011-08-11)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics 1111 (2011) 131
LANL e-print: arXiv:1108.2216

DAMTP-2011-67: A Holographic Flat Band
by J. N. Laia, D. Tong (2011-08-08)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics 1111 (2011) 125
LANL e-print: arXiv:1108.1381

DAMTP-2011-63: The Instabilities of the Bianchi Type IX Einstein Static Universe
by J. D. Barrow, K. Yamamoto (2012-04-04)
Published in: Phys.ical Review D 85, 083505, 2012
LANL e-print: gr-qc/ 1108.3962

DAMTP-2011-61: Interacting Cosmological Fluids and the Coincidence Problem
by S. Z. W. Lip (2011-01-27)
Published in: Physical Review D 83, 023528, 2011
LANL e-print: arXiv:1009.4942

by Sera Cremonini (2011-08-02)
Published in: Mod. Phys. Lett. B

DAMTP-2011-54: Co--calibrated $G_2$ structure from cuspidal cubics
by Boris Doubrov, Maciej Dunajski (2011-07-14)
Published in: Ann. Global Anal. Geom. (2012) 42, 247-265
LANL e-print: 1107.2813v1
Keywords: Twistor Theory, G_2 structures

DAMTP-2011-43: The helical phase of chiral nematic liquid crystals as the Bianchi VII(0) group manifold
by G. W. Gibbons, C. M. Warnick (2011-06-13)

DAMTP-2011-39: Constraints on the fundamental string coupling from B-mode experiments
by A. Avgoustidis, E. J. Copeland, A. Moss, L. Pogosian, A. Pourtsidou, D. A. Steer (2011-06-01)
Published in: Phys.Rev.Lett.107:121301,2011
LANL e-print: arXiv:1105.6198

DAMTP-2011-38: Scaling configurations of cosmic superstring networks and their cosmological implications
by A. Pourtsidou, A. Avgoustidis, E. J. Copeland, L. Pogosian, D. A. Steer (2011-06-01)
Published in: Phys.Rev.D83:063525,2011
LANL e-print: arXiv:1012.5014

DAMTP-2011-29: More about Birkhoff's Invariant and Thorne's Hoop Conjecture for Horizons
by M. Cvetic, G. W. Gibbons, C. N. Pope (2011-04-22)

DAMTP-2011-28: Modified Gravity Makes Galaxies Brighter
by A. C. Davis, E. A. Lim, J. Sakstein, D. J. Shaw (2011-04-14)
LANL e-print: 1102.5278

DAMTP-2011-27: Nonlinear Structure Formation with the Environmentally Dependent Dilaton
by P. Brax, C. Burrage, A. C. Davis, B. Li, D. J. Shaw (2011-04-14)
Published in: Phys.Rev. D83 (2011) 104026
LANL e-print: 1102.3692
Keywords: Environmentally Dependent Dilaton. Structure Formation

DAMTP-2011-23: Dirac Equation in Kerr-NUT-(A)dS Spacetimes: Intrinsic Characterization of Separability in All Dimensions
by M. Cariglia, P. Krtous, D. Kubiznak (2011-04-07)

DAMTP-2011-21: Conformal weights in the Kerr/CFT correspondence
by Keiju Murata (2011-03-29)

DAMTP-2011-20: Some Spacetimes with Higher Rank Killing-Stackel Tensors
by G. W. Gibbons, T. Houri, D. Kubiznak, C. M. Warnick (2011-03-23)

DAMTP-2011-18: Large-scale Structure in f(T) Gravity
by B. Li, T. P. Sotiriou, J. D. Barrow (2011-03-16)
Published in: Physical Review D83, 104017
LANL e-print: astro-ph/11032786

DAMTP-2011-11: The Geometry of Sound Rays in a Wind
by G. W. Gibbons, C. M. Warnick (2011-02-11)
Published in: Contemporary Physics

DAMTP-2011-5: Optical Metrics and Projective Equivalence
by Stephen Casey, Maciej Dunajski, Gary Gibbons, Claude Warnick (2011-01-23)
Published in: Phys. Rev. D (2011) 83, 084047
LANL e-print: arXiv:1101.4375v1
Keywords: Projective equivalence, optical metrics, C metric

DAMTP-2011-3: Cosmological Magnetic Field Survival
by J. D. Barrow, C. G. Tsagas (2011-01-17)
Published in: Mon. Not. R. Astron. Ssoc 414, 512-8
LANL e-print: arXiv:1101.2390v1

DAMTP-2011-1: Commuting symmetry operators of the Dirac equation and Killing-Yano brackets
by Marco Cariglia, Pavel Krtous, David Kubiznak (2011-01-04)