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DAMTP-2013-71: Timelike U-dualities in Generalised Geometry
by E. Malek (2013-11-26)
Published in: Journal of High Energy Physics
LANL e-print: arXiv:1301.0543
Keywords: Supergravity Models, M-Theory, String Duality

DAMTP-2013-70: Newtonian Atlas for Dust-Filled FRW Universe
by N. S. Manton (2013-11-24)
LANL e-print: arXiv:1312.6040
Keywords: FRW Universe, Newtonian Atlas, Riemann Curvature, Normal Coordinates

DAMTP-2013-66: Inflationary Instabilities of Einstein-Aether Cosmology
by A. R. Solomon, J. D. Barrow (2014-01-04)
Published in: Physical Review D 89, 024001, 2014
LANL e-print: arXiv:1309.4778

DAMTP-2013-65: Intermediate inflation from rainbow gravity
by J. D. Barrow, J. Magueijo (2013-11-14)
Published in: Physical Review D 88, 103525, 2013
LANL e-print: arXiv:1310.2072

DAMTP-2013-58: Spatially Modulated Instabilities for Scaling Solutions at Finite Charge Density
by Sera Cremonini (2013-10-11)

DAMTP-2013-46: An O(D,D) Invariant Hamiltonian Action for the Superstring
by Chris D. A. Blair, Emanuel Malek, Alasdair J. Routh (2013-08-16)

DAMTP-2013-44: Holographic EPR pairs, Wormholes and Radiation
by Mariano Chernicoff, Alberto Güijosa, Juan F. Pedraza (2013-08-11)
LANL e-print: 1308.3695

DAMTP-2013-37: The General Dynamics of Varying-Alpha Universes
by J. D. Barrow, A. A. H. Graham (2013-11-10)
Published in: Physical Review D 88, 103513, 2013
LANL e-print: gr-qc 1307.6816

DAMTP-2013-36: Geodesics at Sudden Singularities
by J. D. Barrow, S. Cotsakis (2013-09-03)
Published in: Physical Review D 88, 067301, 2013
LANL e-print: arXiv:1307.5005

DAMTP-2013-35: Series expansions and sudden singularities,
by J. D. Barrow, S. Cotsakis, A. Tsokaros (2013-03-01)
Published in: Proc. Marcel Grossman Meeting MG 13, Stockholm July 2012

DAMTP-2013-30: Comments on double field theory and diffeomorphisms
by Jeong-Hyuck Park (2013-06-08)
Published in: JHEP
LANL e-print: 1304.5946
Keywords: Diffeomorphism, Double Field Theory, T-duality

DAMTP-2013-26: Limits on variations of the fine-structure constant with gravitational potential from white-dwarf spectra
by J. C. Berengut, V. V. Flambaum, A. Ong, J. K. Webb, J. D. Barrow, M. A. Barstow, S. P. Preval, J. B. Holberg (2013-07-05)
Published in: Physical Review Letters 111, 010801, 2013
LANL e-print: 1305.1337

DAMTP-2013-21: Bouncing Anisotropic Univeses With Varying Constants
by J. D. Barrow, D. Sloan (2013-07-16)
Published in: Physical Review D 88, 023518, 2013
LANL e-print: gr-qc/1304.6699

DAMTP-2013-13: Quantum Field Theory in a Multi-metric Background
by I. T. Drummond (2013-09-07)
Published in: Phys Rev D 88, 025009 (2013)
LANL e-print: arXiv:1303.3126
Keywords: Quantum Field Theory, Multi-metric, Lorentz Breakdown, Causality

DAMTP-2013-12: E8 duality and dual gravity
by H. Godazgar, M. Godazgar, M. J. Perry (2013-06-11)
Published in: JHEP 1306 (2013) 044
LANL e-print: arXiv:1303.2035

DAMTP-2013-11: Global Structure of Five-dimensional BPS Fuzz Balls
by G. W. Gibbons, N. P. Warner (2013-02-27)

DAMTP-2013-6: Beta Functions of Topologically Massive Supergravity
by R. Percacci, M. J. Perry, C. N. Pope, E. Sezgin. (2013-01-18)

DAMTP-2013-5: Ergoregions in Magnetised Black Hole Spacetimes
by G. W. Gibbons, C. N. Pope (2013-01-16)