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DAMTP-2014-96: Solutions of Minimal Massive 3D Gravity
by Alex S. Arvanitakis (2015-01-09)

DAMTP-2014-94: Decay of the Cosmic Vacuum Energy
by T. Clifton, J. D. Barrow (2017-03-24)
Published in: Gravity and the Quantum, Festschrift, eds. J.S. Singh and S. Engineer, Springer, NY, pp. 61-71,2017
LANL e-print: arXiv:1412.5465

DAMTP-2014-90: Local Varying-Alpha Theories
by J. D. Barrow, J. Magueijo (2015-08-18)
Published in: Modern Physics Letters A 30, 1540029, 2014
LANL e-print: arXiv:1412.3278

DAMTP-2014-88: Geometry and fluxes of SL(5) exceptional fi eld theory
by C. D. A. Blair, E. Malek (2014-11-30)
Published in: JHEP 1503 (2015) 144
LANL e-print: arXiv:1412.0635

DAMTP-2014-75: Stationary Black Holes with Time-Dependent Scalar Fields
by Alexander A. H. Graham, Rahul Jha (2014-07-24)
Published in: Phys.Rev. D90 (2014)
LANL e-print: 1407.6573[gr-qc]

DAMTP-2014-74: Non-Existence of Black Holes with Non-Canonical Scalar Fields
by Alexander A. H. Graham, Rahul Jha (2014-04-11)
Published in: Phys.Rev. D89 (2014)
LANL e-print: 1401.8203[gr-qc]

DAMTP-2014-73: The Shape Dependence of Vainshtein Screening
by J. K. Bloomfield, C. Burrage, A. C. Davis (2014-10-15)
Published in: Phys.Rev. D91 (2015) 8, 083510
LANL e-print: 1408.4759

DAMTP-2014-72: Astrophysical Black Holes in Screened Modified Gravity
by A. C> Davis, R. Gregory, R. Jha, J. Muir (2014-10-15)
Published in: JCAP 1408 (2014) 003
LANL e-print: 1402.4737

DAMTP-2014-71: Conformal Inflation Coupled to Matter
by P. Brax, A. C. Davis (2014-10-15)
Published in: JCAP 1405 (2014) 019

DAMTP-2014-70: Early Modified Gravity: Implications for Cosmology
by P. Brax, C. van de Bruck, S. Clesse, A. C. Davis, G. Sculthorpe (2014-10-15)
Published in: Phys Rev D89 (2014) 123507
LANL e-print: 1312.3361

DAMTP-2014-68: Cosmological Tests of Disformal Coupling to Radiation
by P. Brax, C. Burrage, A. C. Davis, (2014-10-15)
Published in: JCAP 1311 (2013) 001
LANL e-print: 1306.4168

DAMTP-2014-67: Systematic Simulations of Modified Gravity: Chameleon Models
by P. Brax, A. C. Davis, B. Li, H. A. Winther, G-B Zhao (2014-10-15)
Published in: JCAP 1304 (2013) 029
LANL e-print: 13013.0007

DAMTP-2014-66: Dynamics of Supersymmetric Chameleons
by P. Brax, A. C. Davis, J. Sakstein (2014-10-15)
Published in: JCAP 1310 (2013) 007
LANL e-print: 1302.3080

DAMTP-2014-65: Pulsar Constraints on Screened Modified Gravity
by P. Brax, A. C. Davis, J. Sakstein (2014-10-15)
Published in: Class.Quant.Grav. 31 (2014) 225001
LANL e-print: 1301.5587

DAMTP-2014-64: SUPER-Screening
by P. Brax, A. C. Davis, J. Sakstein (2014-10-15)
Published in: Phys Lett B719 (2013) 210
LANL e-print: 1212.4392

DAMTP-2014-61: Do the constants of nature couple to strong gravitational fields?
by S. P. Preval, M. A. Barstow, J. B. Holberg J. D. Barrow, J. C. Berengut, J. K. Webb, D. Dougan, J. Hu (2014-10-06)
Published in: Proceedings of 19th European White Dwarf Workshop, EUROWD, Montreal, Canada 2014
LANL e-print: arXiv:1410.0809

DAMTP-2014-55: An SO(3)$\times$SO(3) invariant solution of $D=11$ supergravity
by Hadi Godazgar, Mahdi Godazgar, Olaf Krueger, Hermann Nicolai, Krzysztof Pilch (2014-09-25)

DAMTP-2014-45: Maximum Tension: with and without a cosmological constant
by J. D. Barrow, G. W. Gibbons (2014-12-08)
Published in: Monthly Notices Royal Astronomical Society 446, 3874-7, 2014
LANL e-print: gr-qc 1408.1820

DAMTP-2014-39: Limits on a Gravitational Field Dependence of the Proton-Electron Mass Ratio from H_2 in White Dwarf Stars
by J. Bagdonaite, E. J. Salumbides, S. P. Preval, M. A. Barstow, J. D. Barrow, M. T. Murphy, W. Urbachs (2014-09-18)
Published in: Physical Review Letters 113, 123002, 2014
LANL e-print: arXiv:1409.1000

DAMTP-2014-35: Rational Relativistic Collisions
by N. S. Manton (2014-06-10)
LANL e-print: arXiv:1406.3014
Keywords: 1-d Relativistic collisions, Rational velocities, Pythagorean triples

DAMTP-2014-34: Supersymmetric E$_{7(7)}$ Exceptional Field Theory
by H. Godazgar, M. Godazgar, O. Hohm, H. Nicolai, H. Samtleben (2014-09-08)
Published in: JHEP 1409 (2014) 044
LANL e-print: arXiv:1406.3235

DAMTP-2014-32: Redshifting of cosmological black bodies in BSBM varying-alpha theories
by J. D. Barrow, J. Magueijo (2014-12-04)
Published in: Physical Review D 90, 123506, 2014
LANL e-print: arXiv:1406.1053

DAMTP-2014-30: On the Einstein-Weyl and conformal self-duality equations
by Maciej Dunajski, Eugene Ferapontov, Boris Kruglikov (2014-05-30)
LANL e-print: 1406.0018
Keywords: self-duality, integrability, Einstein-Weyl equations.

DAMTP-2014-10: Observational constraints on dual intermediate inflation
by J. D. Barrow, M. Lagos, J. Magueijo (2014-01-30)
Published in: Physical Review D 89, 083525, 2014
LANL e-print: astro-ph/1401.7491

DAMTP-2014-9: Einstein-Cartan Calculus for Exceptional Geometry
by H. Godazgar, M. Godazgar, H. Nicolai (2014-06-04)
Published in: JHEP 1406 (2014) 021
LANL e-print: arXiv:1401.5984

DAMTP-2014-8: Cosmology: the search for twenty-four (or more) functions
by J. D. Barrow (2014-01-17)
Published in: Physical Review D 89, 064022, 2014
LANL e-print: gr qc/1401.4344

DAMTP-2014-4: Covariant action for a string in doubled yet gauged spacetime
by Kanghoon Lee, Jeong-Hyuck Park (2014-01-07)
Published in: Nuclear Physics B
LANL e-print: arXiv:1307.8377