Monday pm 3rd July - Thursday am 6th July 2006

Workshop programme notes:

  • The meeting will begin in the early afternoon on Monday 3rd July and end on Thursday 6th July at lunchtime. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

  • Registration will commence at 11:30am on Monday 3rd July. A cold buffet lunch will be available for those arriving from 12:30pm.

  • A tentative schedule will be available shortly. The proposed daily format is outlined below which will encourage active involvement and discussion from all participants.

  • All sessions will be held in the large Wolfson Lecture theatre (MR2) in the CMS with lunch taken in the central core.

Preliminary schedule:

Monday, 3rd July 2006

12:30 LUNCH Central core
14:00 Wojciech Zurek (Los Alamos) Topological defect formation and dynamics of 2nd order phase transitions
15:00 Jan Smit (Amsterdam) Classical approximation to quantum fields
16:30 Richard Ward (Durham) Generalised Skyrmions and Hopf solitons
17:30 Janne Ruostekoski (Southampton) Particle-like solitons in atomic multi-component Bose-Einstein condensates
18:00 RECEPTION AND DINNER Central core

Tuesday, 4th July 2006

10:00 Gert Aarts (Swansea) Classical and quantum fields out of equilibrium and the 2PI effective action
10:45 Tuomas Lappi (Brookhaven) Classical chromodynamics and heavy ion phenomenology
12:00 Guy Moore (McGill) Numerical studies of quark-gluon plasma instabilities
12:45 LUNCH Central core
15:00 Nicholas Manton (Cambridge) Skyrmions and nuclei
15:45 Peter Forgacs (Tours) Twisted Vortices in Extended Abelian Higgs Models
16:40 Michael Volkov (Tours) Superconducting Vortices in the Standard Model
17:05 Simon Gardiner (Durham) Collision dynamics of attractively interacting matter-wave solitons
17:30 Bernard Piette (Durham) Solitons in inhomogeneous media
17:55 FINISH

Wednesday, 5th July 2006

10:00 Antti Niemi (Uppsala) Separation between the spin and the charge, conformally flat space-times and Yang-Mills theory
10:45 Gary Gibbons (Cambridge) Higher-dimensional gravitational solitons
11:40 Paul Sutcliffe (Kent) Hopf solitons in ferromagnets
12:10 Martin Speight (Leeds) Fermionic quantization of Faddeev-Hopf solitons
12:45 LUNCH Central core
15:00 Ken Olum (Tufts) Cosmic strings on and off the lattice
15:45 Richard Battye (Manchester) Domain wall lattices
16:25 Horace Stoica (McGill) Brane decay and defect formation
17:20 Paul Saffin (Nottingham) Evolution of D- and F- strings
17:40 Arttu Rajantie (Imperial) Defects in the 2PI-formalism
18:00 FINISH

Thursday, 6th July 2006

10:00 Lev Kofman (CITA) Preheating and inflation
11:00 Arjun Berera (Edinburgh) Dissipative mechanisms during inflation
12:00 Juan Garcia-Bellido (Madrid) Electroweak preheating and primordial magnetic fields
12:45 LUNCH & FINISH Central core

Workshop posters

We will also have poster boards readily available for participants to present their work on classical field theory and solitons. Those who have notified us in advance will be posted shortly:

Nathan Laurie (Swansea) Nonequilibrium Quantum Dynamics in a Boost Invariant Space-time
Petja Salmi (Sussex/Leiden) Numerical Investigations of Oscillons in 2 Dimensions
Denes Sexty (Darmstadt) Chern-Simons and winding number in a tachyonic electroweak phase transition
Olivier Wantz (Cambridge) Axion mass from the topological susceptibility