Wednesday pm 19th April - Saturday am 22nd April 2006

Programme information:

  • The meeting will begin in the early afternoon on Wednesday 19th April and end formally at the end of Friday, but opportunities for further discussions and collaboration will be available on Saturday 22nd April. Please make your travel plans accordingly.

  • Registration will begin at 12 noon on Wednesday 19th April. A cold buffet lunch will be available for those arriving from 12:30pm.

  • All sessions will be held in the large Wolfson Lecture theatre (MR2) in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences with lunch provided in the central core.

  • Coffee and refreshments are available in the CMS central core in the morning from 9:30am.

Workshop schedule:

Wednesday, 19th April

12:30 LUNCH Central core
13:45 Stephen Hawking Introductory remarks
14:00 Eiichiro Komatsu (Texas) Observational constraints on non-Gaussianity
15:00 Steven Weinberg (Texas) Quantum contributions to cosmological correlations
16:30 Bartjan van Tent (Cambridge) Large non-Gaussianity from multifield inflation
17:15 Sabino Matarrese (Padua) Non-Gaussianity: from inflation to the present universe
18:00 RECEPTION AND DINNER Central core

Thursday, 20th April

10:00 Nicola Bartolo (ICTP, Trieste) Second-order perturbation theory
10:45 Gerasimos Rigopoulos (Utrecht) Nonlinear evolution of multifield inflation
12:00 Jim Lidsey (QMW, London) Tree-level non-Gaussianity at horizon crossing
12:45 LUNCH Central core
15:00 Peter Coles (Nottingham) Non-Gaussianity and large-scale structure
15:30 Filippo Vernizzi (Helsinki) Conserved non-linear quantities in cosmology
16:30 Paolo Creminelli (Trieste) Ghost inflation and other recent models
17:00 Kari Enqvist (Helsinki) Non-Gaussianity from preheating
17:30 Ben Wandelt (Illinois) Tomographic diagnosis of the physics of the beginning
17:50 FINISH

Friday, 21st April

10:00 David Lyth (Lancaster) Calculating non-Gaussianity in the ∂N approach
10:45 Misao Sasaki (Kyoto) A new ∂N formalism for multi-component inflation
12:00 Joao Magueijo (Imperial) Non-Gaussian features in CMB maps
12:45 LUNCH Central core
15:00 David Wands (Portsmouth) Non-Gaussianity from the curvaton model
15:30 Paul Shellard (Cambridge) Numerical & stochastic approaches to non-Gaussianity
16:30 Francis Bernardeau (CEA/Saclay) Inflation models inducing non-Gaussian metric fluctuations
16:50 Tomislav Prokopec (Utrecht) Foundations of stochastic inflation
17:10 Alan Heavens (Edinburgh) The quest for non-Gaussianity
18:00 FINISH

Saturday, 22nd April

10:00 onwards Free time NG discussions at the CMS or Cambridge sightseeing

Workshop posters

We will also have poster boards readily available for participants to present their work on non-Gaussianity. Those who have notified us in advance include:

Marcos Cruz (Cantabria) The non-Gaussian cold spot in the WMAP data
Carlos Hidalgo & David Seery (Queen Mary) Non-Gaussianity effects on primordial black holes probabilities
Michele Liguori (Padua) Testing primordial non-Gaussianity in CMB anisotropies

*Titles to be confirmed