Programme information:

  • The meeting will begin on Monday morning 8th September 2008 and end formally on Wednesday afternoon 10th September. However, opportunities for further discussions and collaboration will be available for the remainder of the week and speakers and participants are welcome to stay.

  • Registration will begin at 9am, Monday 8th September. Coffee and refreshments are available in the CMS central core from 9:30am every morning until 4pm.

  • All sessions will be held in the large Wolfson Lecture theatre (MR2) in the Centre for Mathematical Sciences with lunch and coffee provided in the central core for invited speakers and blue badge holders. For informal participants and red badge holders, lunch and refreshments will be available for purchase in the central core cafeteria.

  • A Planck Consortium meeting for Working Group 4 members (non-Gaussianity) will be held subsequently on Thursday 11th September, beginning in MR2 and the CMS central core, followed by lunch and subsequent discussions in the CTC Common Room (Pavilion B).

Monday 8th September

9:00 Registration Central core
10:00 Welcome MR2
10:10 Ben Wandelt (UIUC, USA) The status of non-Gaussianity
10:50 MORNING COFFEE Central core
11:20 Paolo Creminelli (ICTP, Trieste, Italy) Effective field theory of inflation and non-linear perturbations
11:55 Xingang Chen (MIT, USA) Large Non-Gaussianities in Single Field Inflation (title TBC)
12:20 LUNCH/DISCUSSIONS Central core
14:30 Asantha Cooray (UC-Irvine, USA) Impact of Secondary non-Gaussianities on the Search for Primordial Non-Gaussianity (title TBC)
15:05 David Lyth (Lancaster, UK) Statistical anisotropy of the curvature perturbations from vector field pertrbations
15:25 Yeinzon Rodriguez (UAN and UIS, Bucaramanga, Colombia) Large non-Gaussianities from loop corrections in slow roll inflation
15:45 Nicola Bartolo (University of Padova, Italy) CMB non-Gaussianity from second order anisotropies
16:10 AFTERNOON TEA Central core
16:35 David Seery (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK) Non-gaussianity of inflationary field perturbations from the field equation (title TBC)
17:00 Gerasimos Rigopoulous (Helsinki, Finland) On the divergences of inflationary superhorizon perturbations
17:25 Poster Session Central core
18:00 FINISH
18:30 DINNER Central core

Tuesday 9th September

9:30 Eiichiro Komatsu (University of Texas, USA) WMAP 5-year results: Measurement of f_NL
10:05 Kendrick Smith (IoA, Cambridge, UK) Algorithms for bispectra: forecasting, optimal analysis, and simulation (title TBC)
10:30 Michele Liguori (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK) Measuring f_NL with Planck
10:55 MORNING COFFEE Central core
11:25 James Fergusson (DAMTP, Cambridge, UK) How to build an estimator for non-separable bispectra
11:50 Daniel Babich (Caltech, USA) Issues with observational constraints on non-Gaussianity
12:20 LUNCH/DISCUSSIONS Central core
14:30 Enrique Martinez Gonzalez (IFCA, U. Cantabria,Spain) Estimators of primordial non-Gaussianity (
14:55 Chiaki Hikage (Cardiff University, UK) Minkowski Functionals for WMAP Temperature Anisotropies
15:20 Peter Coles (Cardiff University, UK)Fishing for Elephants in the CMB
15:55 AFTERNOON TEA Central core
16:25 Licia Verde (CSI-IEEC, Bellaterra, Spain) Non-Gaussianity from galaxy surveys
16:50 Sarah Shandera (ISCAP, Columbia University, USA) Scale-Dependent Non-Gaussianity
17:15 Sabino Matarrese (University of Padova, Italy) Primordial non-Gaussianity and the Large-Scale Sctructure of the Universe
17:40 FINISH

Wednesday 10th September

9:30 Christian Byrnes (Heidelberg, Germany) Large non-Gaussianity from slow-roll inflation
9:55 Misao Sasaki (Yukawa Institute, Kyoto, Japan) Large non-gaussianity from multi-brid inflation
10:20 Richard Easther (Yale University, USA) TBA
10:45 MORNING COFFEE Central core
11:15 Ana Achucarro (Instituut Lorentz, Leiden, Netherlands) Status of cosmic defects
11:50 Martin Kunz (University of Sussex, UK) Sussex String Simulations
12:20 LUNCH/DISCUSSIONS Central core
14:30 Martin Landriau (Danish Technical University, Denmark) CMB fluctuations seeded by cosmic strings
14:55 Arttu Rajante (Imperial College, London, UK) Superhorizon cosmic string correlations
15:20 AFTERNOON TEA Central core
15:50 Christophe Ringeval (Louvain, Belgium)Synthetic flat sky CMB maps from cosmic string simulations
16:15 Mark Hindmarsh (University of Sussex, UK) 3-point correlator from Cosmic Strings
16:40 Alan Heavens (IfA, University of Edinburgh, UK) Workshop Summary
17:15 FINISH

Thursday 11th September - Planck WG4 Meeting

10:00O. Forni - E.M.Gonzalez Welcome, Summary (the coordinators) and Frame Project, MR2
10:45 S. Matarrese - B.Wandelt Non-Standard Inflationary Models
11:30 MORNING COFFEE Central core
12:00 F. Bouchet - P. Shellard Defects and Cosmic Strings
14:00 A. Jaffe - A.J. Banday - O. Forni Geometry and Topology
14:45 E. Battaner - J.A. Rubi Primordial magnetic fields
15:30 P. Vielva - F. Hansen - O. Forni Report on priority tasks: simulations and testing
16:00 AFTERNOON TEA CTC Common Room
16:30 Discussion Plans for Gaussianity testing against instrumental effects, systematics and foregrounds
17:00 H.K.K. Eriksen - N. Groeneboom Cordination with CTs, isotropy and statistics project, other WGs
17:30 O. Forni - E.M. Gonzalez Summary
17:40 FINISH

Workshop posters

There will be poster boards readily available in the CMS Central Core if workshop participants wish to present their work on non-Gaussianity.