The successful Numerical Cosmology 2012 workshop was held in Cambridge, UK. The conference was hosted by the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (DAMTP) at the Mathematical Sciences site in the University of Cambridge with a generous grant from Intel Corporation. The aim of the conference was to explore and develop synergies between different aspects of numerical cosmology, both scientifically and technologically.    
• Late Universe large scale structure simulations
• Early Universe field theory lattice simulations
• Cosmological Numerical Relativity
• Current and Future state of Numerical Cosmology
• Latest software and hardware technologies
• Optimal strategies for parallelization
• Code sharing and reproducibility
• Data analysis of large data sets in cosmology

Participation in this conference was by invitation only. For further details about how to contact the organising committee or the workshop secretary, please follow the Organisation link.



Confirmed speakers:

  Barbara Chapman (University of Houston)
Julian Borrill (Lawrence Berkeley National Lab)
Volker Springel (Heidelberg)
Daniel Price (Monash)
Romain Teyssier (Zurich)
Rob Thacker (St. Mary)
Hal Finkel (Argonne National Lab.)
Daniel Mitchell (University of Melbourne)
Kevin J Smith (Intel Corporation)
Brian O'Shea (Michigan State)
John Reid (STFC)

Robert Harrison (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
David Henty (EPCC)
Ilian Iliev (University of Sussex)
James Fergusson (Cambridge/DAMTP)
Erik Schnetter(Perimeter)
Will Percival (Portsmouth)
Victoria Stodden (Stanford)
Antony Lewis (Sussex)
Mar Bastero-Gil (Princeton University)
Anders Tranberg (Niels Bohr Institute)
Ulrich Sperhake (Caltech)

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