PASCOS 2011 will be held in Cambridge UK. The conference will be hosted by the Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (DAMTP) at the Mathematical Sciences site in the University of Cambridge. The aim of the conference is to explore and develop synergies between particle physics, string theory and cosmology. There will be an emphasis on timely interdisciplinary topics:    
• critical tests of inflationary cosmology
• advances in fundamental cosmology
• applications of string theory (AdS/CMT)
• particle and string phenomenology
• new experimental particle physics results
• and cosmological probes such as
• the cosmic microwave background,
• galaxies and large-scale structure.

For further details about how to contact the organising committee or the workshop secretary, please follow the Organisation link.

Please follow this link for the full programme of plenary lectures and parallel sessions. (Note that places at PASCOS 2011 became fully booked on 26 April 2011.)

Invited plenary speakers:

  Slava Mukhanov (Ludwig Maximillian University)
Alberto Nicolis (Columbia University)
Fernando Quevedo (ICTP, Trieste)
Will Percival (Portsmouth University)
Frans Pretorius (Princeton University)
Lenoardo Senatore (Stanford University)
Eva Silverstein (Stanford University)
David Spergel (Princeton University)
Volker Springel (Heidelberg University)
James Stirling (Cavendish, Cambridge)
Henry Tye (Cornell University)
Neal Weiner (New York University)
James Wells (CERN and University of Michigan)
Matias Zaldarriaga (IAS, Princeton)
  Nima Arkani-Hamed (IAS, Princeton)
Alan Barr (University of Oxford)
Cliff Burgess (Perimeter/McMaster University)
Paolo Creminelli (ICTP, Trieste)
George Efstathiou (Kavli/IoA, Cambridge)
Val Gibson (Cavendish, Cambridge)
Sean Hartnoll (Stanford University)
Shamit Kachru (Stanford University)
Andrei Linde (Stanford University)
Avi Loeb (Harvard University)
Dieter Luest (LMU/MPI, Munich)
Juan Maldacena (IAS, Princeton)
Liam McAllister (Cornell University)
John McGreevy (Physics, MIT)
PASCOS 2011 photoshoot  

A poster for the conference is available here - poster.pdf