Centre for Theoretical Cosmology

This meeting is wholly funded by the new Centre for Theoretical Cosmology (CTC), for which their will be public launch event on Wednesday 19th December 2008 (please refer to the Programme for further details). The invited participants and speakers are listed below; their accommodation and other costs are being supported by the CTC.

Other participants

Originally this workshop was intended to be small and by invitation only for reasons of format, funding and availability of accommodation; this was how the original very successful Nuffield workshop was run 25 years ago. However, the Organising Committee has reflected on the importance of this unique concentration of distinguished cosmologists and it has decided that the opportunity to participate should be made available to other members of the community, especially young researchers. [We regret, however, that the deadline has now passed and registration is closed.] Those participating must report to the registration desk on Monday 17th December when they arrive in order to obtain a blue workshop badge and their banquet ticket.

Please note there will be an overflow room with video available for local Cambridge University participants who are not registered. All talks will be video taped and placed on the web, soon afterwards.

Trinity College Banquet

The banquet at Trinity College Dining Hall will begin promptly at 7:30pm, Wednesday 19th December 2007. Please ensure you at the college before 7:20pm to deposit your coat in the Old Kitchens, opposite the Dining Hall. The two High Table seating areas are reserved for those specially invited for the CTC Launch and also invited speakers.

The menu for the banquet is as follows:

Selection of smoked fish and salad

Main course
Roast Sirloin of Beef
Yorkshire pudding, Roast potatoes
Seasonal vegetables

Christmas Pudding with Trinity College Ice Cream

Selection of British Cheeses
Wine/Port and Coffee

After dinner speaker:
Lord Rees of Ludlow Kt PRS
There is also a vegetarian option. Please let Sue Gadsby know about any special dietary requirements.

For those applying to register, the subsidised cost for the banquet is 40, payable by cheque or credit card - refer to the application procedure explained above.