Theoretical High Energy Particle Physics Group

Email & phone list of all group members

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Note: Please use the prefix 01223 on all numbers if calling from outside CMS,
and add to each email the suffix or as appropriate.

Name Room Email Phone
A C J Abbott B0.40 acja3@damtp (7)66830
B. Allanach B2.04 B.C.Allanach@damtp (7)66889
A E Barns-Graham B2.24 a.e.barnsgraham@damtp (7)66914
J.D. Barrow B0.18 J.D.Barrow@damtp (7)66696
R Bittleston B0.03 rb697@damtp (7)66916
H U T Bjorkmo B1.15 T.Bjorkmo@damtp (3)37024
P Boyle Smith B2.12 pb594@damtp (7)66912
S M Cespedes B0.34 smc210@damtp (7)64252
G K C Cheung B2.11 gkcc2@damtp (7)66913
F Contatto B0.34 fc379@damtp (7)64252
L J Cooper B2.24 ljc60@damtp (7)66914
F Coradeschi B0.39 fc435@damtp (7)64264
S C Crew B0.09 scc72@damtp
T H Cridge B0.34 t.cridge@damtp (7)64252
J E Davighi B0.40 jed60@damtp (3)39208
A.C. Davis B2.18 A.C.Davis@damtp (3)37878
F Day fvd21@damtp
M. Doerrzapf M.Doerrzapf@damtp (7)64250
N. Dorey B1.17 N.Dorey@damtp (3)37883
I.T. Drummond B0.30 I.T.Drummond@damtp (7)64276
M. Dunajski B0.38 M.Dunajski@damtp (7)64265
J.M. Evans B1.22 J.M.Evans@damtp (3)39207
C. Furey B2.03 nf252@damtp (3)30853
B V Ganchev B1.15 bvg25@damtp (3)37024
M.B. Green B1.14 M.B.Green@damtp (3)30884
B. Gripaios B0.39 (3)30852
J G I H Harrison B2.11 jgihh2@damtp (7)66913
R.R. Horgan B2.19 R.R.Horgan@damtp (3)37839
C H A King B0.09 ck402@damtp (7)65253
P.V. Landshoff BL.03 P.V.Landshoff@damtp (3)37880
N Lohitsiri B0.40 nl313@damtp (7)66830
A.J. Macfarlane B0.36 A.J.Macfarlane@damtp (7)64250
N.S. Manton B2.10 N.S.Manton@damtp (3)37879
A Mitov adm74@cam
A. Neitzke B1.21 (7)66921
H. Osborn B2.21 H.Osborn@damtp (3)37875
M.J. Perry B1.26 M.J.Perry@damtp (3)37895
N Procter B0.09 np383@damtp (7)66914
F. Quevedo B1.13 F.Quevedo@damtp (3)30852
J I Rawlinson B2.12 jir25@damtp (7)66912
H.S. Reall B2.09 H.S.Reall@damtp (7)66495
M. Rees B2.23 (7)66907
R Reid-Edwards B1.03 R.A.Reid-Edwards@damtp (7)66862
R Reuvers B0.33 rjpr2@damtp (7)65248
K A F Roehrig B0.34 kafr2@damtp (7)66349
J.E.P. Santos B2.02 J.E.Santos@damtp (3)37872
D.B. Skinner B1.21 D.B.Skinner@damtp (7)66921
A.L. Stagg B2.16 A.Stagg@damtp (3)37873
D.M.A. Stuart B2.22 D.M.A.Stuart@damtp (3)37849
J.E. Sutton J.E.Sutton@damtp (3)37882
J.C. Taylor B0.30 J.C.Taylor@damtp (7)60384
C.E. Thomas B2.05 C.E.Thomas@damtp (3)30851
D. Tong B2.13 D.Tong@damtp (3)37874
P.K. Townsend B1.25 P.K.Townsend@damtp (3)37905
C.P. Turner B2.03 C.P.Turner@damtp (3)30853
M. Ubiali B1.16 M.Ubiali@damtp (7)66870
E N Walton B2.01 ew411@damtp (7)66890
A C Waterhouse B2.12 aw592@damtp (7)66912
J Williams B0.03 jw729@damtp (7)66916
R.M. Williams B2.14 R.M.Williams@damtp (3)37884
M.B. Wingate B2.20 M.Wingate@damtp (3)37881
L K Wong B2.01 L.K.Wong@damtp (7)66890
A J Woss B2.11 A.J.Woss@damtp (7)66913
T You B0.39 tty20@damtp (7)64264