European Climate Change Monitoring and Prediction System

The main goal of the EuroClim project is to develop an advanced climate monitoring and prediction system for Europe. This is to be achieved through seven sub-goals:

  1. Determination of climate-change user needs;
  2. Development of architecture and technology for generic, scalable and distributed processing of geographic data;
  3. Development of methodology for precise retrieval of cryospheric variables; based on integrated analysis and storage of multi-sensor, multi-resolution and multi-temporal data;
  4. Improvement of the accuracy of algorithms for retrieval of cryospheric variables from earth-observation data;
  5. Improvement of climate models in order to predict future climate accurately;
  6. Development of new statistical tools for trend estimation, scenario analysis and uncertainty assessment; and
  7. Initiation of an operational service.

The project is co-ordinated by the Norwegian Computing Centre (NR), Norway.
The other partners are

The 3 year project has been funded by the EC Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme.

The main project website is at

Written by Nick E. Hughes, December 2001.
Updated for the DAMTP site: Oliver Merrington, April 2003.