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      Third International Volvox Conference

      Centre for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge

      19-22 August 2015

    • Abstract submission and registration are now closed

    Latest announcements

    • The abstract booklet is available for download here!

    • Download and print the meeting poster here!

    • A full meeting program is now available.

    • We are pleased to announce that Prof. Pauline Schaap FRSE will be this year's guest speaker!

    • Funding is available to assist with childcare expenses incurred while attending the meeting. Please contact the organizers for information.

    • This is the 3rd of what we hope to be a long series of Volvox meetings to be held every other year, alternating with the Chlamydomonas meeting. The first Volvox conference was held in 2011 at Biosphere 2 in Arizona, USA and the second meeting in 2013 at the University of New Brunswick, Canada. We are delighted to be hosting the 3rd international Volvox meeting in the beautiful and historic city of Cambridge, UK. The city centre is tightly packed with exquisite architecture and a multitude of parks, the College Backs and the beautiful river Cam add to its appealing atmosphere.

      Conference Scope:

      The aim of this meeting is to bring together international scientists working with Volvox and its relatives (aka Volvocales or volvocine algae). We cordially invite experimentalists and theorists interested in these fascinating organisms. The Volvocine algae have become an important model system for the evolution of multicellularity, development and cellular differentiation, and have yielded important results in fields as diverse as genomics, biological physics, hydrodynamics, and social evolution. We hope that these meetings will foster exchange of ideas and expertise, and will initiate new collaborations to expand and strengthen the Volvocales community.