For those of you who wish to meet me – and, incidentally, for those who wish to avoid me – herewith a list of meetings that I expect to attend in the foreseeable future.

International Conference on Numerical Analysis, Approximation and Optimization, commemorating M.J.D. Powell
Beijing, 5–7 August, 2016.

Nanjing 2016
2016 Nanjing Workshop on Structure-Preserving Algorithms for Differential equations
Nanjing, 8–10 August, 2016.

IMACS 2016
20th IMACS World Congress
Xiamen, 10–14 December, 2016.

Modern numerical methods for quantum mechanics
Warsaw, 20–22 March, 2017.

Connections in geometric numerical integration and structure-preserving discretization
Banff International Research Station, 11–16 June, 2017.

14th International Symposium on Orthogonal Polynomials, Special Functions and Applications
Canterbury, 3–7 July, 2017.

FoCM 2017
Foundations of Computational Mathematics 2017
Barcelona, 10–19 July, 2017.

SciCADE 2017
Scientific Computing and Differential Equations 2017
Bath, 11–15 September, 2017.