Spectroscopic diagnostics and applications

Some works presented here are unpublished.
People are free to use them, as long as proper reference is given.


Spectroscopic diagnostics - general

Spectroscopic diagnostics of stellar transition regions and coronae in the XUV: AU Mic in quiescence
Del Zanna, G., Landini, M., & Mason, H. E. 2002, A&A 385, 968-985

This is a review paper on spectroscopic diagnostic techniques that can be applied to XUV observations of active stars, including the Sun.
In particular, I discuss methods for the determination of electron densities, emission measures and the chemical composition of the stellar transition regions and coronae.
Severe limitations to some of the commonly used methods and atomic data are highlighted.
New results, significantly different from those of the prvious literature are found.
In particular, in terms of transition region densities, where values one order of magnitude lower are found.
For the first time, it shown that the anomalous behavior of the ions of the Li- and Na-sequence is also present for the stars.

Solar and stellar high-resolution X-ray spectra. Plasma diagnostics with the CHIANTI atomic database.
Del Zanna, G., and Mason, H.E., 2001, Proc. of the 35th ESLAB Symposium, PASP Conf. Ser., F. Favata and J. Drake eds.

  • Del Zanna, G. and B.J.I. Bromage, 1999: Transition region densities and abundances as derived from SOHO/CDS observations, 8th SOHO workshop, Paris.
  • Application of Spectroscopic Diagnostics to Early Observations with the SOHO Coronal Diagnostic Spectrometer
    Mason, H. E., Young, P. R., Pike, C. D., Harrison, R. A., Fludra, A., Bromage, B. J. I., & Del Zanna, G. 1997, Solar Physics

    Spectroscopic diagnostics - Element abundances


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