African Sun - July/August 2005

In July/August 2005, I went with two teachers, Mike Cripps and Graham Coleman to the Western Cape, South Africa. We took 10 sixth form students from Norfolk. It was an amazing experience. We worked with teachers and students at schools in the formerly economically disadvantaged regions (former townships). We also visited the South African Astronomical Observatory (SAAO) in Cape Town and the Observatory at Sutherland. There we saw the South African Large Telescope (SALT). It is beautiful. Four South African learners and their teacher, Reggie Caesar, came with us to Sutherland. We had a great time. Our thanks go to all the people who made this trip possible, and especially to the folk in South Africa who helped us to organise it and welcomed us so warmly: Clifford Nxomani at SAAO/SALT; Brian Isaacs, Adrian Snell and their team at Univ of the Western Cape; Toni Beardon (AIMSSEC). It was an experience which none of us (from UK or South Africa) will ever forget.