Part III "Research in the UK" afternoon
Wednesday 4th Nov 2020
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We invite PhD students from around the UK to come and advertise PhD opportunities in mathematics (and related fields) at their respective universities to our Part III Mathematics students.

Schedule for the day

Wednesday 4th Nov 2020, Zoom

  • 4:15pm-5:15pm

    Presentations, Zoom

    Each university will give a short presentation to tell you briefly what's great about doing a PhD with them.

  • 5:15pm

    Questions, Zoom Breakrooms

    Ask the presenters questions.
    E.g. How do I apply? How many PhD students do research in area X? Do you have many seminars in topic Y? What is supervisor Z like to work with? Do the PhD students usually collaborate or each do their own thing? What is there to do in your spare time in town W?.
    Many of the speakers are former Part III students, so you can also chat to them about their past experience here.
    Please update to the last version of Zoom to be able to access the breakrooms

  • 6.20pm


RSVP'd Speakers

Please check again at a later date as more speakers will be added.

Samuel Mansfield

Pure Mathematics


Applied Mathematics
Geophysical Fluid Dynamics

Graham Van Goffrier

Theoretical Physics, Data Science and Machine Learning
BSM Neutrino Theory

Jonathan Owen

Bayesian uncertainty analysis for physical systems

Phil Kamtue

Pure Mathematics
Riemannian geometry

Arpit Das

Theoretical physics
Holography and Higher Form Symmetries

Zoe Wyatt

Pure & Applied Mathematics
PDEs in general relativity

Cassandra Khan

Applied Mathematics
Nonlinear Wave Theory

Sergei Ovchinnikov

Theoretical Physics
Black holes in gauged supergravity

Matthew Rowe

Theoretical Physics
Particle theory - B physics

Vitalijs Brejevs

Pure Mathematics
Low-dimensional topology

Nicolò Primi

Theoretical Physics


Applied Mathematics
Linear mixed models

Manya Sahni

Theoretical Physics
Black holes in supergravity

Paul Pruzina

Applied Mathematics
Fluid Dynamics

Francesco Gallinaro

Pure Mathematics
Model Theory

Nick Williams

Pure Mathematics
Representation Theory of Algebras

Ben Smith

Applied Mathematics
Fluid Dynamics

Angela Wu

Pure Mathematics
Symplectic and contact topology

Alex Round

Applied Mathematics
Falling Liquid Films

Brigitte Stenhouse

History of Mathematics
19th century celestial mechanics

Raymond Pang

Applied Mathematics
Systemic Risk

Xinyi Xu

Pure Mathematics
Combinatorics (Graph Theory)

Cedric Koh

Applied Mathematics
Operations Research

Tiffany Vlaar

Promoting Women and Non-binary Students into Maths PhDs

Mary LLewellyn

Diego Millan Berdasco

Pure Mathematics
Representation theory

Emma Smith

Applied Mathematics
Cyber Security

Tabitha Ogilvie

Applied Mathematics
Privacy Preserving Machine Learning

Mekhi Dhesi

Applied, Theoretical Physics
Gravitational Waves

Sebastian Chenery

Pure Mathematics
Algebraic Topology

Theodora Nearchou

Design of experiments

Arjun Sobnack

Pure Mathematics
Analysis of PDEs and Differential Geometry

Darion Mayes

Pure Mathematics
Percolation Theory

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