Quantum Selves: Ben Allanach

In the quantum realm, reality transforms to the bizarre. Objects can be in a superposition of several states which is collapsed to a single one by observation. If we know where it is, we do not know how fast it is moving, and vice versa. Also, some details of the object are obscure. A theory of quantum gravity remains to be verified, but somehow the fabric of the background (space-time) must have an interaction with the object in it. I encourage the observer to collapse the quantum state of the human form, but they should beware that the process remains mysterious.


Quantum bow

Sittings on the fence



In a states

The twin paradox

Muster mark

A creative space

Time out


Time to reflect


Breathing space

Godel's theorem

Super position

Reclined and abridged

A backwards look


And Dirac is His prophet

Observed with photons


Death proof

Tutankhamun's Regent


Ben Allanach, Cambridge, United Kingdom