The Thirst

Upcoming concert

25th anniversary of Tennis club d'onex. The fete lasts from 1100-1700, 11 Sept 2004 and we're playing 45 minute sets twice. It's open to all, so please come to support us! parc Brot, 111 Rte de Chancy. There'll be booze and food and the usual fete type of stuff.

Hardronic Rock Festival Concert

17 July 2004: CERN Rock festival. Line-up: Robin Martini, Anne Mc Nabb Najaffi and Ben Allanach on lead vocals. Herve Rohner on drums, Hubert Pariat on bass and Mammad Najaffi and Ben Allanach on guitar. Sue Mallen and Anne Mc Nabb Najaffi on backing vocals. Here's a decent recording of the performance (all music in mp3 format):
  • Sympathy for the Devil
  • Gloria
  • Cosmic Jelly
  • Californication
  • Creep
  • Muscle Museum
  • Whiskey in a Jar
  • Paint it Black
  • Sharp Dressed Man
  • The Thirst
(Thanks to Tim Jones for all photos).

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