Topics in Mathematics of Information (Michaelmas term 2017)

Location: MR14
Time: 10am Mon, Wed, Fri

Note: There will be no lecture on Wednesday 29th November, instead, the final lecture will be on Friday 1st December at 10am in MR14.

Course Material

Lecture Notes
Approximation in bases
Slides from Lecture 1
Compressed sensing
Slides from Lecture 15
Variational and PDE methods

Sheet 1 (1pm, Monday 23rd October, MR21) solutions
Sheet 2 (2pm, Tuesday 7th November, MR11) solutions
Sheet 3 (1:30pm Friday 17th November, MR14, Hand in Q2,3,7 on Wednesday 15th November)
Sheet 4 (3:30pm Monday 27th November, MR14, Hand in Q4,5 on Friday 24th November)

Linear and nonlinear approximation with wavelets
Nonlinear wavelet approximation for images
Gaussian and Fourier sampling in compressed sensing, accompanying matlab files: 675KB
Total variation inpainting, test images (provided by Carola Schonlieb): 450KB
Compressed sensing primal-dual code:   6.2MB
Link to Anisotropic Diffusion tutorial on Numerical Tours.

Other software
Wavelet toolbox: Wavelab
Curvelet toolbox: Curvelab
ℓ1 solvers: spgl1 or NESTA