MPEG movie

Click here or on the image to get the mpeg-movie (560 k; image size 420x400)


The movie shows16 consecutive infra-red satellite-images of Europe (D2, for those who know). They span 31 July 1996, 00:30 GMT until 31 July 1996, 08:00 GMT.

This sequence of images was choosen only because of their availability to me. Creation of this mpeg movie was an exercise in creating an mpeg movie, nothing more.


I found out about creating mpeg movies on the Web. In the following description I have put in links to the tools I used. At the end is a link to my primary source of information.

The satellite images were received from the Meteosat 5 satellite using hardware and software from Timestep, running on an MS-DOS computer under Windows. The images were saved as Windows Bitmap images, and then converted to GIF using LView 3.1 . The resulting series of gif-files was transferred to a UNIX machine using WS_FTP Limited Edition , and then split into YUV components and encoded into mpeg using a C-shell script , that in turn uses the NetPBM package and the Portable Video Research Group's mpeg encoder .

The whole procedure to make mpeg movies on a UNIX system is described here .

Caspar Williams , last modified 12 August 1996