Main Menu

Main Menu

The master menu at the heart of DigImage provides access to both the intrinsic DigImage utilities and the specific applications in a user transparent manner. If the option chosen is not available immediately in the current DigImage program, then DigImage will save its current status, exit and start up the DigImage program detailed to perform the task required. Typically there will be a short delay while DigImage is chaining the next program in this manner, through the need to re-allocate all the extended memory buffers and restore the previous status.

In all DigImage menus, an option of the form A: indicates that A is a submenu, while an option of the form B is a specific task. Submenus can always be exited without performing any tasks by choosing the Q option.

Information on basic keyboard operation is given in the General Help option which is accessible at any stage by pressing <shift><f1>.

A Additional User Supplied.

This submenu provides access to a user supplied module conforming to the DigImage communications protocol. The current module will be terminated, after writing the necessary status files, and the user supplied module executed.

C: Contours and Edges.

This submenu provides utilities for determining the location of edges/contours in an image, allowing transformation between current pixel coordinats, reference pixel coordinates and world coordinates.

D: Plots & Screen Dumps.

This submenu provides access to superimposing a plot on a buffer and producing hard copies of the image on a laser printer.

F: Filter.

This submenu provides access to a number of simple filters. Filters based on 3x3 convolutions are available, as nonlinear morphological filters, Fourier domain filters and filters designed to reduce the errors associated with interlace mismatch.

G: Grab/Display.

This submenu contains all the basic utilities for acquiring and displaying images, along with basic arithmetic operations using the onboard ALU.

I Index of facilities.

This menu option produces an index of the facilities available within DigImage. The index text may be scrolled up and down by the cursor keys, <PageUp>, <PageDn>, <home> and <end>. The line in the centre of the screen will normally be shown in inverse video. If <enter> is pressed, then DigImage will allow direct access to the facility given by this line, the menu which contains it, or the associated help facility. To return to the main menu, <escape> may be used, or alternatively <enter> followed by <Q>uit. As an option, this index facility may be accessed using the <alt><f1> key combination.

K: Save/Restore Buffer.

This submenu provides access to saving and restoring images from disc. The images may be saved in either a raw or compressed format.

L: Length Scales, Fractals etc.

This submenu contains the tools to determine the length scales associated with a given image. A wide variety of treatments are available, ranging from determination of the Fractal dimension (using a box-counting algorithm) to the statistics of 'blobs'. See the Help option within this submenu for more details.

M: Miscellaneous Tools.

This menu contains a collection of tools for defining fonts, look up tables etc.

P: Coordinate Sytem Mapping.

This menu provides access to the various coordinate system mappings provided by DigImage. World coordinate and intensity mappings are provided along with fixed reference points for image registration.

E: Enhance images.

This submenu provides some tools enhancing the contents of an image. Included are averaging, histogramming and correction for variations in the background intensity.

S: Spatial FFT.

This submenu provides access to some spatial fast Fourier transformation based utilities.

T: Time Series.

This submenu provides access to time-series analysis of a sequence of frames.

U: Particle Tracking.

This submenu provides access to particle tracking.

V: Video Tape Recorder Control.

This submenu provides access to computer control of a Panasonic AG-7330 or AG-7350 Super VHS video recorder. When using the AG-7330, the OPERATION switch on the front of the video should be placed in the REMOTE position prior to entering this menu.

Z: Take Input From File.

This submenu allows the input to DigImage to be redirected to a file so that DigImage may run in unattended batch mode. If a fatal error occurs in this mode, DigImage will await user permission to proceed.

f1 Activates the Specific Help feature to display this file.

shift_f1 Activates the General Help feature.

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