DigImage News - LATEST

DigImage News - LATEST

This document details recent additions and changes to the system. Details of earlier changes may be found in DigImage\Document\Update.txt

Version 2.3 released June 1999 ==============================

Installation Notes ------------------ Bin\GSView32.BAT New batch file to provide access to GhostView if this

                        GhostView is installed and may be found on the system
                        search PATH, then this file may be deleted. If
                        GhostView is installed, but may not be found on the
                        search path, this file may require modification to
                        point to it. Note that at present this file is
                        required only if you are using the DigiGV method to
                        start DigiPlot (see below).

New Features - DigImage ----------------------- [;KF Save as formatted file]

                        saved as formatted data (ASCII) to a file.

[;USNF Formula for velocity]

[;USNN Local velocity estimate with formula if too few particles]

[;USNO Local velocity estimate with region-dependent if too few particles]

                        behaviour of particles with no velocity history.

New Features - Trk2DVel -----------------------

[;CX Moving refernence frame]

                        analysis of the tracking data to move, relative to the
                        camera frame of reference in which the flow is
                        tracked, and be rescaled as a function of time.

[;E Create file describing ensemble mean]

[;T Create file describing temporal mean]

                        and temporal mean motion files at resolutions up to
                        41x41 mesh points. Previously the resolution was
                        fixed at 21x21 mesh points. As before, the ensemble
                        or temporal mean file may be used in a Reynolds
                        decomposition of the velocity data when processing in
                        a broad range of Trk2DVel facilities.

[;G0 Distribute to grid (fit local weighted mean]

                        This option now has the ability to remove an ensemble
                        or termporal mean AFTER gridding the data. Previously
                        it was only possible to remove the mean from the
                        particle velocities before gridding.

Command Files -------------

New Macros ----------

Revised Documentation --------------------- The Installation Guide includes new sections about the interaction with other

software, video cameras and light sources.

DigImage Changes ----------------

Trk2DVel Changes ----------------

Timing of grid files The times presented for velocity grid files (both

                        Previously the behaviour was somewhat inconsitent and
                        the grid corresponded to half the length of the
                        velocity path prior to the time stated. This has now
                        been changed.

DigiPlot Changes ---------------- DigiGV ... New method for starting DigiPlot causing a temporary

                        automatically displayed using GSView (if installed).

/B -2 New switch value which will cause the plot to be

DigiFile Changes ----------------


Version 2.2 released November 1998 ==================================

Installation Notes ------------------ 440BX based motherboards

                        and faster Pentium-II systems) known to correctly
                        support the memory hole requirement under Windows 95
                        and Windows 98 are those with the AMI bios. The
                        Phoenix and Award bioses are known to fail. The AMI
                        series 781 Olympus motherboard is known to work.

New Features - DigImage ----------------------- Spawning other processes

                        processes. To manage this feature a control program
                        (DigSpawn) starts at the time DigImage starts, and
                        terminates when DigImage exits. While it is running,
                        this program will appear minimised on the task bar.

[;KR Restore buffer]

[;KS Save buffer]

[;KL Load window from file]

[;KW Write window to file]

                        files as well as the standard DigImage .PIC files. The
                        .TIF files are uncompressed 8-bit monochrome or colour
                        and preserve the pixel format rather than the aspect
                        ratio. Similarly, .BMP and .GIF files may be created
                        and .BMP read by these options, again preserving the
                        pixel format.

[;KMR Record movie - single pass]

                        frame spacing. The result is a non-uniform sample
                        spacing (spacing varying by up to one frame) so as to
                        achieve close to the requested spacing. ProcMovi.CMD
                        and CombMovi.CMD have been updated to cater for this

[;KMU Record movie using mask - single pass]

                        by adding the capability of performing ALU operations
                        during acquisition.

[;LJ Fit curve to scatter plot]

                        plot of the intensities between two images.

[;PWT Transform image using coordinate mapping]

                        coordinate system in the new image is parallel with
                        pixel coordinates.

[;USTF Frame rate for source]

                        using a non-standard frame rate.

New Features - Trk2DVel -----------------------

[;RR Raw particle locations]

                        from the .PRT file and provides a text version of this

Command Files ------------- MIN New operator: a MIN b will return MIN(a,b)

MAX New operator: a MAX b will return MAX(a,b)

!{ENVIRONMENT aspect} Returns some detail about a particular aspect of the

                        aspect can be one of
                                BUFFERS         Returns the total number of
                                                buffers (same as !!N)
                                DIGIMAGEPATH    The path where DigImage is
                                ONBOARD         Returns the number of
                                                onboard buffers
                                THISPATH        The current working directory

!{EVAL val0 val1 ... key expr}

                        in terms of the variables indicated by key. Each of
                        the characters in key must have a corresponding value
                        val0, val1,...

!{MAPXYTOI x y} Returns the i pixel coordinate corresponding to x y

!{MAPXYTOJ x y} Returns the j pixel coordinate corresponding to x y

!{MAPIJTOX i j} Returns the x world coordinate corresponding to i j

!{MAPIJTOY i j} Returns the y world coordinate corresponding to i j

New Macros ----------

Bisect.CMD Can be used to find the root of an equation using the

                        initial guesses, !!2 the tolerance and !0 the
                        equation (expressed in terms of X). On exit, !!P0
                        contains the root and !!P1 the function at this

Revised Documentation ---------------------

DigImage Changes ----------------

Trk2DVel Changes ----------------

DigiPlot Changes ---------------- P 12 New mark type giving a circle

DigiFile Changes ----------------


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