Harry Braviner

Me I am a PhD student in the Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics group in DAMTP, supervised by Professor Gordon Ogilvie.

Research Interests

In general, I'm interested in the physics of extrasolar planets.

Most of my research is directed towards better understanding the tidal interaction between hot Jupiters and their host stars.

During the ISIMA 2014 summer program I worked on a gravitational dynamics project investigating how mupltiple-planet systems precess as a rigid disc. There's a video and slides of a talk I gave on the project.


The following are notes that I've made to try and ensure I understand various topics, hopefully they'll be of use to someone else. Please feel free to e-mail me if you think you've found an error! (Or indeed if you think my exposition could be improved...)

I'm planning to add to the 'Multipole moments' notes with a section on the Wigner D-matrices in the near future.

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Contact Details

E-mail: h.j.braviner at damtp dot cam dot ac dot uk
Office: F1.01
Address: Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics,
Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, Cambridge CB3 0WA
Telephone: +44 1223 760385