Jeremy Sakstein

I am currently away from Cambridge for the year as a visiting fellow at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics. My Perimeter website can be found here

I am a Ph.D. student working in the Theoretical High Energy Physics group, which is part of the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP), University of Cambridge. I am a member of Downing College and previously I was an undergraduate at Keble College, Oxford University.

My research focuses on cosmology and modified theories of gravity. Cosmology is the study of the origin, evolution and overall fate of the universe, which is inextricably tied to the dynamics of gravity. Tweaking the way in which gravity behaves can dramatically alter the behaviour of the universe, from its overall expansion to the structure of stars and galaxies and may explain some of the phenomena that are the focus of many areas of modern theoretical physics.

I am particularly interested in astrophysical probes of modified gravity such as stars in dwarf galaxies and have used the altered pulsation properties of Cepheid variable stars to place the strongest constraints in the literature to date. I have also worked on UV completions of these theories within the context of supersymmetry. An article about my research can be found here

One of my talks about astrophysical tests of modified gravity can be viewed online here