Jeremy P Parker

J P Parker
Churchill College
Cambridge CB3 0DS


Telephone: I'd rather you emailed.

Fax: I'd rather you left me alone.

*Spam conference invitations, disproofs of E=mc², etc. should be addressed to Professor Parker. I will ignore anything for Dr Parker.

*Viruses should be compressed as "", and consist of self contained 64 bit executables in both .exe and ELF formats.


I'm a PhD student in DAMTP at the University of Cambridge. I am supervised by C P Caulfield and R R Kerswell, and I also collaborate with J Page.

My PhD is focused on studying the nonlinear behaviour of stratified shear flows, applying methods such as Direct-Adjoint Looping and Newton-Krylov iteration to understand instability and mixing.



Talks and Posters


Stratiflow is my direct numerical simulation code for stratified shear flows.

You can find the full source code, in C++, on GitHub.


I supervise undergraduates.

Me in numbers

Here is a collection of numbers, which I am trying to either increase or decrease

LaTeX poster template

I have created a template for the beamerposter LaTeX package. It roughly follows Cambridge University branding.

You can download it here. See above for examples.

Why does this webpage look rubbish?

I don't have a stylesheet. Feel free to set your own.