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Seminars in Applied and Computational Analysis: Easter 2008

Unless otherwise stated, all talks will be held in MR14 (Pavilion F) at 3pm.

Thursday, 8th May, 3pm
Heinz Engl (University of Vienna)
"Regularisation of inverse problems: convergence analysis, new applications"

Monday, 12th May, 3pm
MR4 (Central Core)
Jerry Bona (University of Chicago)
"Initial-boundary-value problems for nonlinear wave equations"

Thursday, 22nd May, 3pm
Brian Davies (King's College, London)
"Spectral theory of large finite directed graphs"

Thursday, 29th May, 3pm
Harry Yserentant (Free University, Berlin)
"Regularity, complexity, and approximability of electronic wavefunctions"

Thanasis Fokas Arieh Iserles Peter Markowich