With plenary talks taking part in morning, afternoons during the FoCM'02 conference will be devoted to workshops. Each workshop will be three-days long, with six workshops running in parallel. The responsibility for organising, scheduling and timetabling the workshops rests with workshop organisers.

Talks in FoCM workshops are by invitation, but feel free to contact relevant workshop organisers if you wish to present a talk.

Period 1
5-7 August 2002

Workshop 1: Foundations of numerical PDEs
Organisers: Philippe Ciarlet (Paris 6), Mitch Luskin (Minnesota) & Eitan Tadmor (UCLA)
Workshop 2: Geometric integration and computational mechanics
Organisers: Debra Lewis (UC Santa Cruz) & Hans Munthe-Kaas (Bergen)
Workshop 3: Information-based complexity
Organisers: Erich Novak (Jena), Greg Wasilkowski (Lexington) & Henryk Wozniakowski (Columbia & Warsaw)
Workshop 4: Learning theory
Organisers: Tomaso Poggio (MIT) & Steve Smale (Hong Kong)
Workshop 5: Optimization
Organisers: Michael Overton (NYU), Bill Pulleyblank (IBM Yorktown Heights) & Jim Renegar (Cornell)
Workshop 6: Special functions
Organisers: Tom Koornwinder (Amsterdam) & Adri Olde Daalhuis (Edinburgh)

Period 2
8-10 August 2002

Workshop 7: Approximation theory
Organisers: Allan Pinkus (Haifa) & Amos Ron (Madison)
Workshop 8: Computational algebraic geometry
Organisers: Askold Khovanskii (Toronto) & Teresa Krick (Buenos Aires)
Workshop 9: Computational number theory
Organisers: Dennis Hejhal (Minnesota & Uppsala), Carl Pomerance (Bell Labs) & Richard Brent (Oxford)
Workshop 10: Multiresolution and adaptivity in numerical PDEs
Organisers: Wolfgang Dahmen (Aachen), Raytcho Lazarov (Texas A&M) & Endre Süli (Oxford)
Workshop 11: Numerical linear algebra
Organisers: Alan Edelman (MIT) & Steve Vavasis (Cornell)
Workshop 12: Quantum computing
Organisers: Charles Bennett (IBM Yorktown Heights) & Michael Freedman (Microsoft Research)

Period 3
12-14 August 2002

Workshop 13: Complexity
Organisers: Gregorio Malajovich (Rio de Janeiro) & Pascal Koiran (Lyon)
Workshop 14: Computational dynamics
Organisers: George Sell (Minnesota) & Warwick Tucker (Cornell)
Workshop 15: Geometric modelling and animation
Organisers: Malcolm Sabin (Cambridge), Larry Schumaker (Nashville) & Wim Sweldens (Bell Labs)
Workshop 16: Image and signal processing
Organisers: Albert Cohen (Paris 6) & Guillermo Sapiro (Minnesota)
Workshop 17: Stochastic computation
Organisers: Des Higham (Strathclyde) & Andrew Stuart (Warwick)
Workshop 18: Symbolic analysis
Organisers: Ian Anderson (Utah State), Liz Mansfield (Canterbury) & Peter Olver (Minnesota)