Special Semester
on Foundations of Computational Mathematics
in Hong Kong

A special semester on Foundations of Computational Mathematics was held during Autumn 1999 in Hong Kong, based at the City University of Hong Kong The main subjects are

Equation solving
Approximation theory
Multivariate problems

The organisers are

Raymond Chan (Chinese University of HK)
Felipe Cucker (City University of HK)
Ron DeVore (University of South Carolina)
Fred J. Hickernell (Hong Kong Baptist University)
Ka Sing Lau (Chinese University of HK)
Ya-Yan Lu (City University of HK)
Shiu-Hong Lui (HK University of Science and Technology)
Michael Ng (HK University)
Steve Smale (City University of HK)

During the semester the following workshops will take place:

WORKSHOP 1: Complexity of multivariate problems (4-8 October 1999)
WORKSHOP 2: Complexity of equation solving and algebra (11-15 October 1999)
WORKSHOP 3: Minimal energy problems (8-12 November 1999)
WORKSHOP 4: Wavelets and multiresolution (29 November-3 December 1999)