Joint workshop

"Solving systems of equations"

MSRI, 14-18 September

This workshop was a joint effort of both special semesters that have been held concurrently at MSRI, Foundations of computational mathematics and Symbolic computation in geometry and analysis. The organisers were

Jean-Pierre Dedieu (
Marie-Francoise Roy (
Mike Shub (
Bernd Sturmfels (

The invited speakers at the workshop were

D. Bini (Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa):
"Numerical approximation of polynomial roots"
W. Decker (Universitaet des Saarlands):
"Primary decomposition: The state of the art"
J.-C. Faugere (Université Paris VI):
"New generations of Gröbner basis algorithms"
L. Gonzales-Vega (Universidad Santander):
"Polynomial systems in industry: some concrete examples"
T.-Y. Li (Michigan State University):
"Polyhedral homotopies"
J.-P. Merlet (INRIA, Nice):
"Applications to mechanism theory, molecular chemistry and signal processing"
L.M. Pardo (Universidad Santander):
"Symbolic solving: getting closer to the barrier"
S. Smale (City University of Hong Kong):
"Some aspects of complexity for equation solving"
F. Sottile (University of Toronto):
"Schubert calculus and control theory"
M. Todd (Cornell University):
"Designing efficient homotopy algorithms using Riemannian geometry"

with additional lectures and software demonstrations during the afternoons.