FoCM workshop

"Complexity of continuous and algebraic mathematics"

MSRI, 2-6 November

Complexity theory has become a cornerstone in many areas involving computation. The workshop emphasized areas for which the computational problems are especially mathematical, particularly areas resting on continuous mathematics and algebra.

A spectrum of viewpoints were represented, including those arising from algebraic complexity, numerical analysis (e.g., using condition numbers as complexity parameters), information-based complexity, and optimization (particularly linear programming).

Invited speakers included
A. Barvinok (Michigan)
L. Blum (Hong Kong)
F. Cucker (Barcelona and Hong Kong)
J.-P. Dedieu (Toulouse)
J. Demmel (Berkeley)
R. Freund (MIT)
L. Khachiyan (Rutgers)
P. Koiran (Lyon)
T. Krick (Buenos Aires)
H.W. Lenstra (Berkeley)
S. Smale (Hong Kong)
H. Wozniakowski (New York and Warzaw)

The organisers of the workshop were

Felipe Cucker
Jim Renegar