FoCM99: Plenary speakers

John BALL (Oxford University)
Infinite-dimensional systems, partial differential equations

Ingrid DAUBECHIES (Princeton University)

Jean Pierre DEDIEU (Université Toulouse)
Complexity theory, homotopy methods and real machines

Alan EDELMAN (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
Numerical linear algebra

David EPSTEIN (University of Warwick)
Computational geometry and topology

Joos HEINTZ (Universidad de Cantabria and Universidad de Buenos Aires)
Algebraic complexity in elimination theory

Nick HIGHAM (University of Manchester)
Numerical linear algebra

Arieh ISERLES (University of Cambridge)
Lie-group methods

Robert McLACHLAN (Massey University)
Geometric integration and symplectic methods

Jorge NOCEDAL (Northwestern University)

Erich NOVAK (Universität Erlangen)
Information-based complexity

Peter OLVER (University of Minnesota)
Symbolic analysis and computer vision

Bjorn POONEN (University of California at Berkeley)
Computational number theory

Rolf RANNACHER (Universität Heidelberg)
Partial differential equations and finite elements

Guillermo SAPIRO (University of Minnesota)
Computer vision and partial differential equations

Andrew STUART (Stanford University)
Computational dynamics

Denis TALAY (INRIA Centre de Sophia Antipolis)
Stochastic computation

Leslie VALIANT (Harvard University)
The relationship of computer sciences with real-number computations