FoCM'99: Workshops
19-21 July
22-24 July
26-28 July
Analysis and approximation of infinite-dimensional problems
Organisers: John Ball (Oxford) and Endre Suli (Oxford)
Approximation theory
Organisers: Ron DeVore (South Carolina) and Allan Pinkus (Technion)
Complexity theory, real machines and homotopy
Organisers: Jean Pierre Dedieu (Toulouse) and Pascal Koiran (Lyon)
Computational dynamics
Organisers: John Guckenheimer (Cornell) and Robert MacKay (Cambridge)
Relations to computer science
Organisers: Laszlo Lovasz (Yale) and Bill McColl (Oxford)
Computational geometry and topology
Organisers: David Epstein (Warwick) and David Gabai (Caltech)
Multiresolution, computer vision and PDEs
Organisers: Vicent Caselles (Illes Balears) and Wolfgang Dahmen (Aachen)
Organisers: Nick Gould (Rutherford Labs) and Mike Todd (Cornell)
Stochastic computation
Organisers: Peter Kloeden (Frankfurt) and Dominique Picard (Paris)
Symbolic algebra and analysis
Organisers: James Davenport (Bath) and Elizabeth Mansfield (Canterbury)
Computational number theory
Organisers: Richard Brent (Oxford) and Henri Cohen (Bordeaux)
Geometric integration and computation on manifolds
Organisers: Chris Budd (Bath) and Hans Munthe-Kaas (Bergen)
Information-based complexity
Organisers: Stefan Heinrich (Kaiserslautern) and Erich Novak (Erlangen)
Numerical linear algebra
Organisers: Alan Edelman (MIT) and Nick Higham (Manchester)