Numerical analysis preprints, 2001–2010


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  4. NA2010/04: M.J.D. Powell, "Beyond symmetric Broyden for updating quadratic models in minimization without derivatives"
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  6. NA2010/06: Ben Adcock, "On the convergence of expansions in polyharmonic eigenfunctions"
  7. NA2010/07: B. Adcock & A.C. Hansen, "A generalized sampling theorem for reconstructions in arbitrary bases"
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  9. NA2010/09: A. Boettcher, S.Grudsky & A. Iserles, "Spectral theory of large Wiener–Hopf operators with complex-symmetric kernels and rational symbols"
  10. NA2010/10: B. Adcock & A.C. Hansen, "Stable reconstructions in Hilbert spaces and the resolution of the Gibbs phenomenon"


  1. NA2009/01: Marianna Khanamirian, "Quadrature methods for highly oscillatory linear and nonlinear systems of ordinary differential equations: Part II"
  2. NA2009/02: Alfredo Deaño & Nico Temme, "Analytical and numerical aspects of a generalization of the complementary error function"
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  6. NA2009/06: M.J.D. Powell, "The BOBYQA algorithm for bound constrained optimization without derivatives"
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  8. NA2009/08: H. Brunner, A. Iserles & S. Nørsett, "On the singular values of the Fox–Li operator": An updated version of this report is NA2010/03.
  9. NA2009/09: M. Condon, A. Deaño & A. Iserles, "On systems of differential equations with extrinsic oscillation"


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  2. NA2008/02: Anders Hansen, "A theoretical framework for backward error analysis on manifolds"
  3. NA2008/03: M.J.D. Powell, "On nonlinear optimization since 1959"
  4. NA2008/04: Alfredo Deaño & Daan Huybrechs, "Complex Gaussian quadrature of oscillatory integrals"
  5. NA2008/05: Hermann Brunner, Arieh Iserles & Syvert Nørsett, "The spectral problem for a class of highly oscillatory Fredholm differential equations"
  6. NA2008/06: M.J.D. Powell, "On the convergence of a wide range of trust region methods for unconstrained optimization"
  7. NA2008/07: Alfredo Deaño & Nico Temme, "On modified asymptotic series involving confluent hypergeometric functions"
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  9. NA2008/09: Arieh Iserles, "Magnus expansions and beyond"
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  13. NA2008/13: Arieh Iserles & David Levin, "Asymptotic expansion and quadrature of composite highly oscillatory integrals"


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  2. NA2007/02: Sheehan Olver, "On the convergence rate of a modified Fourier series"
  3. NA2007/03: M.J.D. Powell, "A view of algorithms for optimization without derivatives"
  4. NA2007/04: Anders Hansen, "Operator theory and C*-algebras in infinite dimensional numerical linear algebra"
  5. NA2007/05: M.J.D. Powell, "Developments of NEWUOA for unconstrained minimization without derivatives"
  6. NA2007/06: T. Shingel, "Interpolation in special orthogonal groups?
  7. NA2007/07: Daan Huybrechs, Arieh Iserles & Syvert P. Nørsett, "From high oscillation to rapid approximation IV: Accelerating convergence"
  8. NA2007/08: B. Adcock, "Spectral methods & modified Fourier series"


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  7. NA2006/07: Arieh Iserles & Syvert Nørsett, "From high oscillation to rapid approximation II: Expansions in polyharmonic eigenfunctions": An updated version of this report is NA2010/02.
  8. NA2006/08: Sergio Blanes, Fernando Casas & Ander Murua, "On the linear stability of splitting methods"
  9. NA2006/09: Sheehan Olver, "Moment-free numerical approximation of highly oscillatory integrals with stationary points"


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  2. NA2005/02: Arieh Iserles & S.P. Nørsett, "Quadrature methods for multivariate highly oscillatory integrals using derivatives"
  3. NA2005/03: Simon Foucart, "Interlacing property for B-splines"
  4. NA2005/04: Sheehan Olver, "Moment-free numerical integration of highly oscillatory functions"
  5. NA2005/05: Fernando Casas & Arieh Iserles, "Explicit Magnus expansions for nonlinear equations"
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  7. NA2005/07: Sheehan Olver, "On the quadrature of multivariate highly oscillatory integrals over non-polytope domains"
  8. NA2005/08: Arieh Iserles & Syvert P. Nørsett, "On the computation of highly oscillatory multivariate integrals with critical points"
  9. NA2005/09: Simon Foucart, "On the value of the max-norm of the orthogonal projector onto splines with multiple knots"


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  2. NA2004/02: Arieh Iserles, "On the method of Neumann series for highly oscillatory equations"
  3. NA2004/03: Arieh Iserles & S.P. Nørsett, "Efficient quadrature of highly oscillatory integrals using derivatives"
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  8. NA2004/08: M.J.D. Powell, "The NEWUOA software for unconstrained optimization without derivatives"


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  2. NA2003/02: Arieh Iserles & Antonella Zanna, "On the spectra of certain matrices generated by involutory automorphisms"
  3. NA2003/03: M.J.D. Powell, "On the use of quadratic models in unconstrained minimization without derivatives"
  4. NA2003/04: Tony Bloch & Arieh iserles, "On the optimality of double-bracket flows"
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  9. NA2003/09: Arieh Iserles, "On the numerical quadrature of highly-oscillating integrals II: Irregular oscillators"
  10. NA2003/10: Simon Foucart "On the best conditioned bases of quadratic polynomials"


  1. NA2002/01: Arieh Iserles, "Expansions that grow on trees"
  2. NA2002/02: M.J.D. Powell, "On trust region methods for unconstrained minimization without derivatives"
  3. NA2002/03: Nicoleta Bila, "Symmetry reductions, variational symmetries & conservation laws for shallow water & semi-geostrophic PDE systems"
  4. NA2002/04: Kirill Kopotun & Alexei Shadrin, "On k-monotone approximation by free knot splines"
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  9. NA2002/09: Arieh Iserles & Antonella Zanna, "Efficient computation of the matrix exponential by generalized polar decompositions"


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