Mathematical Tripos: Part IB

Numerical Analysis

A. Shadrin, DAMTP, University of Cambridge

Easter Term 2003, MWF, Mill Lane R 3, 12:00

Lecture notes for the course

The left icon produces a PostScript file and you will need a PostScript viewer, e.g. ghostview, to display it. The course will follow the same scheme as the year before, and the blank icons corresponds to the lectures from the previous year which should give a general idea of the material to be covered. The updated lectures are within the "postsctipt" icons, but be aware that I use to make small changes until the last minute before the actual lecture.

Lecture 1 Lecture 4 Lecture 7 Lecture 10
Lecture 2 Lecture 5 Lecture 8 Lecture 11
Lecture 3 Lecture 6 Lecture 9 Lecture 12
Examples 1 Examples 2
Attention Supervisors! I changed the enumeration of the exercises (if compared to the previous year), but they are the same.