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Recent Developments in Open Inflation

Recent Developments in Open Inflation

The following are a series of slides accompanying a lecture given by Neil Turok at Peniscola, Spain.

[Inflationary Puzzles]
Inflationary Puzzles
[(Old) Open Inflation I]
(Old) Open Inflation I
[(Old) Open Inflation II]
(Old) Open Inflation II
[Problems of Open Inflation]
Problems of Open Inflation
[The Hartle-Hawking Proposal I]
The Hartle-Hawking Proposal I
[The Hartle-Hawking Proposal II]
The Hartle-Hawking Proposal II
[New Instantons I]
New Instantons I
[New Instantons II]
New Instantons II
[Probability for Inflation]
Probability for Inflation
[Anthropic Argument]
Anthropic Argument
[The Boundary Contribution I]
The Boundary Contribution I
[The Boundary Contribution II]
The Boundary Contribution II
[The Singularity Problem]
The Singularity Problem
[Higher Dimensions]
Higher Dimensions
[Fluctuations I]
Fluctuations I
[Fluctuations II]
Fluctuations II
[Fluctuations III]
Fluctuations III
[Fluctuations IV]
Fluctuations IV
[Fluctuations V]
Fluctuations V
[Fluctuations VI]
Fluctuations VI
[Fluctuations VII]
Fluctuations VII
[Fluctuations VIII]
Fluctuations VIII
[Fluctuations IX]
Fluctuations IX