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I am a Reader in Quantum Information Theory, in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (DAMTP) of the University of Cambridge, and a fellow of Pembroke College. Since 2002, my research has primarily been in the field of Quantum Information Theory. I have been working on various aspects of this field, e.g., data compression for sources with memory, perfect transfer of quantum states and entanglement over spin networks, additivity conjectures of the Holevo capacity and the minimum output entropy for various models of quantum channels, complementary channels, capacities of quantum channels with memory, entanglement manipulation, and the evaluation of the optimal rates of various quantum information protocols using the Quantum Information Spectrum method.

Optimal rates of quantum information protocols, such as storage and transmission of information, or manipulation of entanglement, are usually evaluated under the consideration of asymptotically many uses of the underlying resources (i.e., the sources, channels or entanglement resources used in the protocol). In reality, the resources are used a finite number of times. This justifies my recent research which entails the evaluation of optimal rates for a finite number of uses (or even a single use) of the relevant resource. These rates are often referred to as one-shot rates.

Before moving into the field of Quantum Information Theory, my research was mainly in the field of Quantum Statistical Mechanics. Part of my PhD thesis was also on the Quantum Hall Effect.

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I also supervise the following courses for various colleges: Probability 1A, Quantum Mechanics 1B, Markov Chains 1B and Statistics 1B