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Nonlinear Centre Seminars: Michaelmas 2001

Jointly organised by DAMTP and DPMMS

Wednesdays at 3pm and 4.30pm in Meeting Room 4, Centre for Mathematical Sciences.

10th October 2001 Gabriel Paternain Dynamics and geometry of geodesic flows
(DPMMS)  Introductory seminar at 3pm
17th October 2001 NO SEMINAR
24th October 2001 Mark Pollicott Ergodic properties of linear actions by 2x2 matrices
(Manchester)  Introductory seminar at 3pm
31st October 2001    Simon Laughlin  Energy, dynamics, stochasticity, information and brain design
7th November 2001 Pierre Collet  Recurrence times and closest returns for unimodal maps
(Ecole Polytechnique) Introductory seminar at 3pm
14th November 2001 Peter Littlewood  Dynamics of charge density waves
(Cavendish Laboratory)
21st November 2001 Oleg Kozlovski Schwarzian derivative in the real 1D dynamics
(Warwick) Introductory seminar at 3pm
28th November 2001 Howard Levine  A model for tumor angiogenesis: from necrosis to vascularization
(Iowa State / Newton Inst)


Dynamical Systems Seminars: Easter 2000

Jointly organised by DAMTP and DPMMS

Thursdays at 2.00pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

*MONDAY* 29 May Mark Holland:
Physical measures, strange attractors and hyperbolic towers
*TUESDAY* 13 June# I Vladimirov:
(University of Brisbane, visiting QMWC, London)
Branching processes and discretized unimodal mappings of the interval
15 June Greg King:
Can effective diffusion coefficients be extracted from symmetry measures?

# A joint Dynamical Systems/Probability seminar to be held at 3.15pm, seminar room 12, CMS (pavilion D).

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Lent 2000

Jointly organised by DAMTP and DPMMS

Thursdays at 2.00pm in Room B, DAMTP

THURSDAY 20 January* Jon Keating:
Arithmetical symmetries of quantum torus maps
27 January Kostya Khanin:
(Isaac Newton Institute)
Multidimensional continued fractions
TUESDAY 1 February** Richard Sharp:
(Manchester University)
Closed geodesics and periods of automorphic forms
10 February Paul Glendinning: POSTPONED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE
Blow-out bifurcations in coupled maps
17 February Wendy Hines:
Delay differential equations
24 February Mark Pollicott:
(Manchester University)
Calculating dynamical invariants
WEDNESDAY 8 March**** FOURTH SOUTHEASTERN BIFURCATION WORKSHOP: Global dynamics in symmetric systems
9 March Armen Shirikyan:
(Heriot-Watt University)
Ergodicity for the randomly forced 2D Navier-Stokes equations 

* NB: This seminar will be held at 3.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP.
** NB: This seminar will be held at 2.00pm in Room 1, Isaac Newton Institute. For more information about the Newton Institute seminars, please contact Mark Pollicott at
*** NB: For more information about the TUXEDO meeting, please contact Robert MacKay at or telephone (01223)339733.
**** NB: For more information about this workshop, please contact Alastair Rucklidge at or telephone (01223)337838.

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Michaelmas 1999

Jointly organised by DAMTP and DPMMS

Thursdays at 2.00pm in Room B, DAMTP

7 October Michael Yampolsky:
Renormalization for critical circle maps
14 October Sir Peter Swinnerton-Dyer:
Some remarks on the Lyapunov's Method
21 October Robert MacKay:
Quantum breathers
NLC Informal Seminar: The triple linkage - a nice system that was almost uniformly hyperbolic
4 November David Broomhead:
Modelling digital communications using iterated function systems
11 November Matt Keeling:
(KCRC and Zoology)
Heterogeneity in Childhood Diseases
18 November Sinisa Slijepcevic:
Construction of invariant measures of Lagrangian maps
25 November Gabriela Gomes:
Black-eye patterns in thin domains

* Please note that there is no seminar on Thursday 28th October. Instead there will be NLC Informal Seminar on Friday 29th, 12.00noon in seminar room 1, DPMMS.

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Easter 1999

Jointly organised by DAMTP and DPMMS

Tuesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

*Tues 20 April S Bolotin:
Regularisation and topological entropy for spatial n-centre problem
Tues 27 April Y Aizawa:
(Waseda, Tokyo)
Long-time tails in N-body Hamiltonian systems
Tues 04 May P Swinnerton-Dyer:
Two systems of third order ODEs
Tues 18 May O Kozlovski:
Hausdorff dimension of one-dimensional attractors
Tues 15 June A Fokas:
Boundary value problems, the Ehrenpreis principle and Lax pairs

(NB: * 5pm if DAMTP staff meeting runs over)

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Lent 1999

Jointly organised by DAMTP and DPMMS

Tuesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

2 February PA Glendinning:
(Queen Mary and Westfield College, London)
Mode-locking and strange non-chaotic sets in quasi- periodically forced circle maps
9 February C Chandre:
Renormalization for Hamiltonian systems
16 February CT Sparrow:
(Stats Lab)
Dynamics of continuous time fictitious play
23 February E Risler:
On the instability of extended cycles
2 March V Baladi:
On the spectrum of weakly coupled map lattices
9 March M Nicol:
(UMIST, Manchester) 
Dynamical systems with Euclidean symmetry

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Michaelmas 1998

Tuesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

13 October Misha Bialy:
(Tel Aviv & DPMMS)
Hamiltonian Systems without conjugate points and E.Hopf rigidity
20 October James Robinson:
One-dimensional maps approximating any chaotic dynamics
27 October Maurice Courbage:
(Paris VII)
On the rate of decay of correlations in skew product dynamical systems of zero entropy
3 November Eric Lombardi:
Asymptotics beyond all orders and bifurcations
10 November Florian Wagener:
Unfolding the skew Hopf bifurcation
17 November Bernd Krauskopf:
Codimension-three unfoldings of resonant homoclinic bifurcations
24 November David Chillingworth:
Bifurcations from a 2-manifold
1 December Professor F M R Russell:
(Heriot-Watt University)
Non-linear systems, mechanical analogues and mica 

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Easter 1998

Wednesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

! Tuesday ! 
21 April
! 5pm ! 
Vladimir Arnold:
(Moscow & Paris)
Some problems in the theory of dynamical systems
6 May Stefano Luzzatto:
Lorenz attractors without invariant foliations
13 May Pierre Gaspard :
Microscopic chaos and the relaxation to macroscopic equilibrium
20 May Mike Proctor:
Effect of noise on tranverse bifurcations near heteroclinic cycles
27 May TBA:

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Lent 1998

Wednesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

! Tuesday ! 
20 January
G&eacuterard Iooss:
Capillary and capillary-gravity 2D waves for two superposed fluid layers, one being of infinite depth
28 January Anatole Katok:
(Penn State)
How regularity (C1 vs higher) affects the orbit growth of a dynamical system: results and open problems
4 February Gero Frieseke:
Stability of solitary waves and the failure of the ergodic hypothesis in anharmonic Fermi-Pasta-Ulam chains
11 February
! cancelled !
Mike Proctor:
Effect of noise on tranverse bifurcations near heteroclinic cycles
18 February Boris Buffoni:
On Stokes waves and their subharmonic bifurcations
25 February Ben Mestel:
Feigenbaum theory for unimodal maps with asymmetric critical point
4 March Jon Chapman:
Exponential asymptotics and Stokes lines in nonlinear difference equations
11 March Michele Bartucelli:
On the problem of positivity of solutions for a class of partial differential equations containing differential operators of order higher than the Laplacian

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Michaelmas 1997

Wednesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

15 October Tom Bridges:
Instability of solitary waves and fronts
22 October Jean Bricmont:
Infinite-dimensional Sinai-Ruelle-Bowen measures
29 October Toby Hall:
Dynamics implied by an invariant Cantor set
5 November Alan Champneys:
Homoclinic orbits to a saddle-centre and applications in nonlinear optics
12 November Yurii Suhov:
A multi-dimensional continuous fractions theory 
19 November Jack Carr:
The Becker-Doring Equations and the Lifshitz-Slyozov theory
26 November Michael Berry:
Levitrons and flying frogs
3 December David Rand:
Correlation equations for spatial ecology and evolution
4 December, 12.00
Dmitri Anosov:
Flows on surfaces and related geometrical problems

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Easter 1997

Tuesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

29 April Alan Newell:
Natural patterns and their defects
6 May Nikolai Nekhoroshev:
Submanifolds of integrability of non-integrable Hamiltonian systems
13 May Serge Aubry:
Breather mobility and reactivity
20 May Anthony Quas:
They do it with mirrors
27 May Konstantin Khanin:
Burgers'equation and random Aubry-Mathertheory and applications 
3 June
Paul Mandel:
Antiphase dynamics in multimode lasers 
10 June Roger Nussbaum:
Periodic points of non-expansive maps

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Lent 1997

Tuesdays at 4.30pm in the Syndics Room, DAMTP

17 January
Peter Leach:
(Durban, Sth Africa)
Singularity analysis of ordinary differential equations
21 January Peter Ashwin:
Chaotic dynamics of symmetric systems
28 January James Robinson:
Global attractors: topology and finite-dimensional dynamics
4 February Jacques Furter:
Forced symmetry breaking and the buckling of elastic bodies: theory and applications
11 February Jonathan Swinton:
(Plant Sciences)
Extinction times for spatial stochastic processes and the 1988 seal epidemic
19 February
Jacques Laskar:
(Bureau des Longitudes, Paris)
Large scale chaos and the organisation of the solar system
24 February, INI,5pm
David Ruelle:
New theoretical ideas in nonequilibrium statistical mechanics
25 February Alastair Rucklidge:
Instabilities of periodic orbits with spatio-temporal symmetries
4 March Sebastian van Strien:
A survey in complex dynamics
11 March Esa Jarvenpaa:
(St Andrews)
SRB-measures for weakly coupled expanding maps

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Michaelmas 1996

Tuesdays, 4.30pm, Syndics Room (DAMTP)

15 October Paul Bressloff:
Nonlinear lattice dynamics and the anti-integrable limit
22 October Robert McLachlan:
(Massey, New Zealand & INI)
Flows and maps preserving integrals and differential invariants
29 October Yunping Jiang:
(QC, New York)
Transfer Operators, Renormalization Theory, and Zygmund Functions
5 November Yurii Suhov & Phil Hiemer:
Billiards in polygons with point obstacles
12 November Bernard Schmitt:
Absolutely continuous invariant measures for expanding maps
19 November Jeroen Lamb:
K-Symmetry and return maps of space-time symmetric flows
26 November Rebecca Hoyle:
Fronts in a nonvariational Ginzburg-Landau equation
3 December Peter Swinnerton-Dyer:
Nosé equations

Dynamical Systems Seminars: Easter 1996

Tuesdays, 4.30pm, Syndics Room (DAMTP)

MONDAY 29 April Gian-Luca Oppo:
Pattern Formation In Nonlinear Optics
7 May Jonathan Sherratt:
Oscillations and Chaos behind Predator-Prey Invasion
14 May Hans Henrik Rugh:
Scaling and chaos in the Classical Yang-Mills equations
THURSDAY 16 May Hans-Rudolf Jauslin:
Floquet methods in quantum mechanics, overview and open problems
MONDAY 20 May Michael Yakobson:
Sinai, Ruelle, Bowen measures for non-hyperbolic attractors
21 May Sergei Bolotin:
Variational criteria for nonintegrability of Hamiltonian systems
28 May Mark Pollicott:
Asymptotic Behaviour of Geodesic flows on negatively curved surfaces
THURSDAY 6 June, 11am Sergei Kuksin:
On phase-portraits of NLS equations with applications to the turbulence problem

NLC Informal Seminars: Easter 2000

Fridays, 12.00-1.00pm, Room B, DAMTP

28 April TBA:

NLC Informal Seminars: Lent 2000

Fridays, 12.00-1.00pm, Room B, DAMTP

21 January TBA:

NLC Informal Seminars: Michaelmas 1999

Fridays, 12.00-1.00pm, Room B, DAMTP

29 October* Tim Hunt:
The triple linkage - a nice system that was almost uniformly hyperbolic

* Please note this seminar will be held in ROOM 1, DPMMS.

NLC Informal Seminars: Easter 1999

Fridays, 11-12noon, Syndics Lecture Room, DAMTP

Fri 16 April V Rothos:
Study group on Arnold and Khesin's book, Topological methods in hydrodynamics
Fri 23 April A Fathi:
Weak KAM solutions and Aubry-Mather theory
*Fri 30 April P Walton:
Slow manifolds
Fri 14 May P Boyland:
Topological analysis of fluid motions: stirring and point vortices
Fri 21 May O Rath:
Classical Monte Carlo trajectory methods in atomic physics
Fri 18 June Y Jiang:
(New York) 
Ruelle Theorem and the convergence speed of Ruelle-Perron-Frobenius operators
THURSDAY 1 JULY V Gelfreich:
Splitting of a small separatrix loop near a saddle-center bifurcation in area-preserving maps 

(NB: * to be held in DAMTP Seminar Room B)

Please note also (1) Monday 7 June, 1-6pm, TUXEDO Day, Warwick and (2) The study group on Arnold and Khesin's book, Topological methods in hydrodynamics, will meet at 12 noon most Fridays, in the Syndics Lecture Room (except 30 April in Seminar Room B).

NLC Informal Seminars: Lent 1999

Fridays, 12-1pm, Room B (DAMTP)

Date TBA Name TBA:
(From TBA) 
Title TBA

NLC Informal Seminars: Michaelmas 1998

Fridays, 11am, Room B (DAMTP)

16 October Michael Tribelsky:
Pattern formation and transition to chaos in dissipative systems with additional symmetry
23 October Keith Briggs:
(Plant Sc.)
Scaling in a map of the two-torus
30 October Andrew Burbanks:
Renormalization for Siegel Discs
20 November Vassilis Rothos:
Persistent homoclinic orbits in perturbed sine-Gordon equation

NLC Informal Seminars: Easter/Summer 1998

Syndics Room (DAMTP)

Fri 1 May, 12.00 Mikhail Gordin
(St Petersburg)
Transversal Markov processes and mixing filtrations
Th 14 May, 11.00 Taehoon Ahn Stable periodic solutions in arrays of weakly coupled bistable oscillators
Fri 31 July, 11.00 Mauro Spicci Rotobreathers in Josephson junctions arrays
Th 6 August, 11.00 David Daems Entropy production and phase space volume contraction
Th 20 August, 11.00 Troy Lee:
Collective Forage Selection by Social Insect Societies

NLC Informal Seminars: Lent 1998

Thursdays, 12 noon, Lecture Room B (DAMTP)

29 January Sinisa Slijepcevic Gradient dynamics and connecting orbits of twist diffeomorphisms
5 February Gero Friesecke:
Ground states of quantum many-body systems: what is known and how to prove it
12 February Richard Battye Bound states and dynamics in the Skyrme model
19 February Tassos Bountis:
Breathers and Multibreathers in Discrete Nonlinear Schrodinger Equations
5 March Vikaas Sohal: Long-range connections synchronize rather than spread oscillations in the brain
12 March
! cancelled !
David Chillingworth:
Bifurcation from a 2-manifold of solutions

NLC Informal Seminars: Michaelmas 1997

Thursdays, 12 noon, Lecture Room B (DAMTP)

16 October Valery Tereshko Resonant control of dynamical systems
23 October Jan Hendrik Schmidt:
(Phil. of Sc.)
Classical universes are perfectly predictable from local data
30 October Jose-Luis Marin Numerical calculations of breathers
6 November Carlo Laing: Waves in rings of coupled oscillators
13 November Vieri Mastropietro:
Some results about Holstein models
20 November Tim Hunt: Constructing a flow with a Plykin Attractor
27 November Uzy Smilansky:
Billiards inside out
TUES 2 December,
3pm, room A
Sergej Flach:
Acoustic breathers in 2d lattices
4 December
Syndics Room
Dmitri Anosov:
Flows on surfaces and related geometrical problems

NLC Informal Seminars: Easter 1997

Fridays, 11.45am, Lecture Room B (DAMTP)

9 May Andrey Shilnikov: On blue-sky catastrophe model
16 May Makoto S. Watanabe: Molecular dynamics and the effect of system size
23 May Richard Cushman: The twisting tennis racket
29 May
Xin-chu Fu:
(Wuhang Institute, China)
Infinite-dimensional linear dynamical systems with chaos
6 June Mark Venables:
(Innovation Centre, Sainsbury) 
Projects at Sainsbury's Innovation Centre
Tuesday 10 June Roger Nussbaum :
Periodic points of non-expansive maps
13 June David Stuart: Superconducting vortices: adiabatic motion and periodic solutions

NLC Informal Seminars: Lent 1997

Fridays, 11.15am, Lecture Room B (DAMTP)

17 January Peter Leach Singularity analysis of ordinary differential equations
Monday 20 January, 9am Albert Libchaber:
(Rockefeller U., NY)
Molecular biology: the ultimate dynamical system
31 January John Dougherty Approaches to Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics
7 February Iuliana Oprea:
Dynamics of convective dynamos: reversals and on-off intermittency
14 February Yurii Suhov: Travelling waves (or what should replace them) for non-autonomous KPP equations
21 February Keith Briggs:
(Plant Science)
Scaling in maps of the 2-torus
Tuesday 29 February Swan Kim: Localized Modes of Coherent Structures on a Chain
Tuesday 4 March, 1.30pm Christopher Bose :
On Invariant Densities for Piecewise Convex (not necessarily smooth) Interval Maps
7 March Alex Haro:
Properties of an exact symplectomorphism using its primitive function

NLC Informal Seminars: Michaelmas 1996

Thursdays, 12 noon, Lecture Room B (DAMTP)

17 October Sinisa Slijepcevic Pulled Frenkel-Kontorova Chains
24 October Taehoon Ahn: Separatrix map and anti-integrable limit
31 October Katie Glass Symmetries in Systems of Repelling Particles
7 November Robert MacKay: Flux in volume-preserving systems with aperiodic time-dependence
21 November Yurii Suhov: Deriving hydrodynamical equations from Hamiltonian dynamics
28 November Colin Sparrow: Dynamics of non-expanding maps (and applications and related problems)
4 December Konstantin Rerikh:
Algebraic integrability of birational plane mappings (algebraic-geometry approach)

NLC Informal Seminars: Easter 1996

Thursdays, 12 noon, Lecture Room B (DAMTP)

Tu 26 March, 11am Vladimir Lazutkin:
(St Petersburg) 
Metric entropy of the standard map
We 27 March Jim Meiss:
Exponentially small splitting of separatrices in the Suris Map
11 April Zahir Bishnani Forced dynamical systems
18 April Won Gyu Choe:
(Pohang, Korea)
Dynamical approach to problems of Josephson junction arrays
25 April Carlo Laing: Coupled Oscillators
2 May Mark Johnston: Bifurcations in coupled map lattices
9 May Rua Murray: Calculation of invariant measures in simple dynamical systems
30 May James Robinson: Asymptotic behaviour of dissipative PDEs
6 June Jacques-Alexandre Sepulchre: Persistence of periodic orbits of vector fields in Banach space; Application to localised oscillations in networks of oscillators
1 August Claude Baesens & Robert MacKay: Exponential decay in space in a variety of situations

Nonlinear Centre, DAMTP, University of Cambridge
Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9EW, U.K.



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