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Dawes, J.H.P. and Gog, J.R. The onset of oscillatory dynamics in models of multiple virus strains.

Dawes, J.H.P., Matthews, P.C., and Rucklidge, A.M. Reducible actions of  D4 x T2: superlattice patterns and hidden symmetries.

Halford, A.R. and Proctor, M.R.E. An oscillatory secondary bifurcation for magnetoconvection and rotating convection at small aspect ratio.

Siggers, J.H. Dynamics of targets in low-Prandtl number convection.


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Dawes, J.H.P. 2001c. Rapidly rotating thermal convection at low Prandtl number. Journal of Fluid Mechanics 428, 61-80.

Gog J.R. and Swinton J. 2001. A status-based approach to multiple virus strains. J. Math. Biol.

Kadelburg V. Explicit bounds for continuation of breathers. Dynamical Systems 16 157-171.

Khanin, K. Burgers Equation with Random Force.

Lopes Dias, J. Renormalisation of flows on the multidimensional torus. Preprint.

Lopes Dias, J. Renormalisation of vector fields for generic frequency vectors. Preprint.

Weinan, E., Khanin, K., Mazel, A., Sinai, Ya. Invariant measures for Burgers equation with stochastic forcing.

Weiss, N.O. 2001. Turbulent magnetic fields in the sun - Presidential address 2001. Astronomy and Geophysics 42, 3.10-3.17.


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