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  • Research Group:Atomic Astrophysics
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  • Dr Panagiota Petkaki



       My research expertise is in astrophysical and solar/space plasma physics, both in theoretical modeling, mainly using numerical simulations, and in analysis and interpretation of spacecraft measurements of particles and fields. I am interested in the kinetic processes of astrophysical/space plasma such as wave-particle interactions (through for example ion-acoustic waves) and how they can act to help release energy in magnetised plasmas. I am also interested in the acceleration and transport of charged particles (production of energetic particles), in energy releasing phenomena such as solar flares and magnetic reconnection events in the magnetosphere. My current research involves analysing SDO observations of solar flares in the Solar Corona.

    Training/Teaching Activities

    I enjoy teaching. I have diverse teaching experience as I have lectured to undergraduate classes, tutored small groups of students, proposed and managed undergraduate and postgraduate student research projects.

    I have supervised students of the Natural Sciences Part I Mathematics course for Trinity College, Jesus College and Clare College, and St Edmund's College, University of Cambridge .

    Selected Publications