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Some of my projects and talks

  • Natural Cambridgeshire Partnership Forum, September 2023
  • About Cambridge -- for visitors from Heidelberg
  • What should we do to help nature?
  • A future hydrogen economy?
  • Natural Cambridgeshire Investment
  • Fenland peat
  • Water resources
  • Keeping Cambridge Special, September 2019
  • Doubling Nature
  • Planting trees
  • Our natural environment
  • The Gough Way estate
  • Managing the last years of our lives
  • Planning for an older population
  • Big issues for the Cambridge area
  • Keeping Cambridge Special, October 2016
  • Cambridgeshire CPRE
  • Cam Catchment Partnership
  • Old age: an acute problem for us all (Cambridge News, 3 March 2015)
  • East of England Transport Information
  • 2030 Vision for the Cambridge subregion
  • Cambridge Forum for the Construction Industry debate
  • Planning our futures
  • Conservation Areas
  • Rivers in towns
  • Tall buildings
  • Development of the East of England: how can we avoid throttling the goose?
  • Presentation to Cambridgeshire County Council Transport Commission
  • National Transport Information Incubator
  • National Transport Data Framework
  • Cambridge MESSAGE pollution monitoring project
  • Lessons from the development of Cambourne
  • Next-generation drug discovery

    My research has been on the physics of quarks: Total cross sections


    Until September 2004 I was Professor of Mathematical Physics in the University's Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics and I chaired the School of the Physical Sciences.

    I am an Honorary Vice-Chairman of Cambridge Ahead, whose vision is for Cambridge to be the pre-eminent small city in the world.

    I am a member of the Board of our Local Nature Partnership Natural Cambridgeshire

    I am an Emeritus Fellow of Christ's College and have served as Vice-Master.

  • I took a large share of the responsibility for the design and construction of the Centre for Mathematical Sciences, which won the award for the British Construction Industry's Major Project of the year, 2003.

    For 22 years until February 2005 I was editor of Physics Letters B.

    I have been a trustee of of Cambridge Past, Present & Future, regional chair of Civic Voice and of the RSA, and a member of the region's Historic Environment Forum.

    I was largely responsible for setting up the Millennium Mathematics Project, which is intended to show children, their parents and their teachers that mathematics is interesting, important, and not too difficult.

    I set up a collaboration which does research in quantum information theory and technology.

    I played a leading role in the creation of the Cambridge eScience Centre, the National Institute for Environmental eScience, the Cambridge Computational Biology Institute, and the Newton Institute, and have chaired their management committees.

    Pomeron Physics and QCD Now in paperback!

    by Sandy Donnachie, Guenter Dosch, Peter Landshoff and Otto Nachtmann, was published by Cambridge University Press in November 2002.

    This book describes the underlying ideas and modern developments of Regge theory.

    Click here for details.


    With Allen Metherell and Gareth Rees, I am author of

    Essential Quantum Physics

    This is a first course on quantum mechanics, published by Cambridge University Press in December 1997.   Five chapters introduce fundamentals; the seven remaining chapters describe applications, including lasers, molecular binding, magnetic resonance imaging and junction transistors. Ideal either as a course text or a self-study text. The book includes nearly 100 exercises and hints to their solution.

                  The material in the first chapter of this book provides the basis of two articles aimed at school children: Quantum Uncertainty and Light's Identity Crisis.                  

    The Analytic S-Matrix, which was first published by Cambridge University Press in 1966, has recently been re-issued as a paperback.



    Some past publications

    Analytic properties of Transition Amplitudes PhD thesis (1962)

    Simple physical approach to thermal cutting rules, Physics Letters B386 (1996) 291 hep-ph/9606426

    The interest of large-t elastic scattering, Physics Letters B387 (1996) 637
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/9607377

    Small x: two pomerons!, Physics Letters B437 (1998) 408
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/9806344

    Introduction to equilibrium thermal field theory
    (World Scientific 1998, ed J C A Barata et al) hep-ph/9808362

    Perturbative evolution and Regge behaviour, Physics Letters B448 (1999) 281
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/9901222

    QCD Pressure and the Trace Anomaly, Physics Letters B460 (1999) 197
    (with I T Drummond, R R Horgan and A Rebhan) hep-th/9905207

    Charm production at HERA, Physics Letters B470 (1999) 243
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/9910262

    Exclusive vector photoproduction: confirmation of Regge theory, Physics Letters B478 (2000) 146
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/9912312

    New data and the hard pomeron, Physics Letters B518 (2001) 63
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/0105088

    Perturbative QCD and Regge theory: closing the circle, Physics Letters B533 (2002) 277
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/0111427

    The proton's gluon distribution, Physics Letters B550 (2002) 160
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/0204165

    Soft diffraction dissociation
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/0305246

    Does the hard pomeron obey Regge factorisation? Physics Letters B595 (2004) 393
    (with A Donnachie) hep-ph/0402081

    Successful description of exclusive vector meson electroproduction
    (with A Donnachie)

    Maurice the enthusiast, Physica Scripta 78 (2008) 028002
    Click here

    Noncovariant gauges at zero and nonzero temperature

    The Landshoff-Nachtmann model
    Scholarpedia, 3(11):6812

    The use of electrochemical sensors for monitoring urban air quality in low-cost, high-density networks
    Atmospheric Environment 70 (2013) 186
    (with M I Meade et al)

    pp and pbarp total cross sections and elastic scattering
    Physics Letters B727 (2013) 500
    (with A Donnachie)

    Central soft production of hadrons in pp collisions
    International Journal of Modern Physics A 29, 1446007 (2014)
    (with A Donnachie)

    Perturbative evolution: a different approach at small x
    European Physical Journal C77 (2017) 524
    (with A Donnachie)

    Small t elastic scattering and the rho parameter
    Physics Letters B798 (2019) 135008
    (with A Donnachie)

    Lack of evidence for an odderon at small t
    Physics Letters B831 (2022) 137199
    (with A Donnachie)